Whitefly Control & Treatment

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PROKoZ Sevin SL Carbaryl Insecticide
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A professional insecticide for commercial & residential outdoor applications on ornamental plants, shrubs & trees, turf-grass and fruit & vegetables.

Essentria All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate
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A professional all-natural & organic (NOP) insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawn & garden and ornamental landscaping.

Optimate CS
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A professional insecticide for commercial & residential outdoor applications including lawns, ornamental shrubs & trees along with livestock.

Beethoven TR Miticide / Insecticide 2 oz.
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A professional total release insecticide that provides total coverage without leaving harmful residue on greenhouse plants.

Benefit 60 WP
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A professional systemic insecticide that controls insects in greenhouses, nurseries and interior plantscapes for ornamental & vegetable plants.

AzaGuard Insecticide Nematicide
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An organic insecticide nematicide that is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that controls and repels over 300 insects in commercial & residential applications.

OMRI Natural Insect Control Kit
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OMRI listed products that controls insects while complying with the USDA Natural Organic Program Rule.

FMC Astro Insecticide
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A professional insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications on lawns, ornamental shrubs & trees, and greenhouses.

OHP Triact 70
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A professional OMRI fungicide, insecticide, and miticide in commercial landscaping, greenhouses and nurseries for shrubs, trees and ornamental plants.

Pyronyl Crop Spray
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A professional insecticide pre-harvest spray for commercial minor crops, animal feed crops and ornamental shrubs & trees.

BaseLine Insecticide
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A professional insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications on lawns & ornamental landscaping and interior plantscapes.

Sanmite Miticide Insecticide
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A professional wettable powder miticide insecticide for mites & white-flies for commercial use on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses and outdoors.

EcoVia WD
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An insecticide that is a wettable powder and dust that makes for easy to use and broad spectrum natural insect control.

Mallet 2F T&O Insecticide
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A fast-action insecticide that provides long term curative and preventive operation against a wide variety of insect pests.

OHP Sirocco Miticide Insecticide
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A professional miticide insecticide for commercial indoor & outdoor applications in greenhouses, nurseries, interiorscapes and landscaping.

Koppert Swirski-Mite Plus (Amblyesius swirskii)
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A great and natural way of eliminating thrips and whiteflies from salad and ornamental crops.

Meridian 25WG Insecticide
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A professional water soluble systemic insecticide that controls insects in commercial turf-grass and ornamental plants for sod farms and landscaping.

Mite-E-Oil Insecticide-Miticide Spray
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A professional insecticide miticide that is refined phytobland oils for commercial & residential outdoor applications on fruits & vegetables, fruit & citrus trees to landscaping plants.

OHP Adept Insect Growth Regulator
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A professional insecticide that is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) for ornamentals in greenhouses, shadehouses and interiorscapes to control soil and foliar insects.

Magus Miticide
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A professional miticide for mites in commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications in greenhouses to golf courses.

Organocide 3-In-1 Garden Spray RTU
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Kills all stages of small, soft-bodied insects & certain fungal diseases.

Bayer Advanced Dual Action Rose and Flower Insect Killer Continuous Spray
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Kills on contact and protects up to 30 days.

Koppert Horiver - Small Yellow Trap
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A sticky trap that can be used to catch a variety of unwanted flying parasites that can permanently damage crops, vegetables and others.

Endeavor Insecticide
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A professional water soluble insecticide that provides residual control by inhibiting Aphids and Whitefly insects from feeding on commercial ornamental plants.


It can be very frustrating when your plants begin to wilt, yellow, or die and you can’t seem to see the source. Some garden and greenhouse pests are so tiny that they can be really hard to identify. Mites, aphids, and scales can cause lots of damage, and whiteflies are no different. Whiteflies, like aphids and mites, suck the sap out of leaves and in large numbers can be very difficult to control. Being able to identify these insects and the signs of their damage can save your plants and help you in your whitefly control measures.

How to Get Rid of Whiteflies

Since whiteflies can be so difficult to control, combining cultural, biological, and chemical methods for the optimal level of whitefly treatment. With in infestation, you will want to know how to kill whiteflies, and using parts of all of these methods will help you to do that.

Cultural Control:

  • If possible, remove infested plants from your garden or greenhouse. You can treat these plants in isolation or get rid of them.
  • If caught early, you can employ a rigorous routine of hand picking the nymphs and eggs, vacuuming live flies and hosing or spraying plants down with water a few times a day.
  • You can vacuum live adults early in the morning with a small handheld vacuum. Freeze vacuum bag overnight to kill insects.
  • Reflective mulch or tinfoil can repel whiteflies
  • Create traps by painting strips of cardboard or wood bright yellow (to attract the flies) and coat with a sticky substance, whether it is petroleum jelly and mineral oil or a commercially available product. Rinse trapped insects off, reapply substance. You can also purchase sticky traps.

Biological Control:

  • Dusty conditions, ants (feeding on the honeydew), and insecticides all interrupt the natural enemies feeding on the whiteflies. Try to control these three things, and this will help keep your whitefly population down before it gets out of control.

Chemical Control:

  • Since many species of whiteflies have developed resistance to some chemicals, it is difficult to know which products will work in your area for whitefly pest control. You can try neem oil or insecticidal soap with some success.
  • When using neem oil or insecticidal soap, only the live adult flies and the spray will directly affect feeding nymphs and will not affect eggs or non-feeding nymphs. Coat leaves with oil completely, and ensure it is not too hot for these products – read all instructions before using any pesticides.

Whitefly Identification and Life Cycle

Whiteflies are tiny, sap-sucking insects frequently found on vegetable plants and ornamental plants. Like aphids, they excrete a sticky “honeydew” substance that attracts ants. Adult whiteflies are very small, 1//10 to 1/16th of an inch long. They look like small, white moths with a powdery wax covering their wings. Females lay 200 to 400 eggs. These insects go through four nymphal stages. The first stage is called the “crawler” stage, as you will see these tiny whiteflies on plants, moving slowly across leaves to feed. In the final stage before adulthood, the nymphs lose their wings and legs and attach themselves to leaves with wax protrusions.

Whitefly Damage

Whiteflies have a wide range of hosts. When whiteflies infest plants in large populations, they can turn leaves yellow and dry and cause leaves to drop off. Some species cause distortion, silvering, and discoloration, and can cause serious losses. The honeydew secretions serve as a growing medium for sooty black mold, which can be damaging. Low levels of these pests don’t cause significant damage, and fruit trees are usually unaffected. Some species in certain areas of the country can transmit plant pathogens. Often times whiteflies become a problem when the natural enemies of whiteflies – lacewings, big eyed bugs, minute pirate buts, some lady beetles and some Asian beetles – get disrupted.

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