Wilco Gopher Getter Type 2 Bait

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{ $19.83 $54.99
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Wilco Gopher Getter Type 2 Bait

Wilco Gopher Getter Type 2 Bait is an attractant and bait for pocket gophers. It is a multi-feed solution on a milo grain formulation that will remain active in burrows for up to 27 days. The bait is used in subsoil applications in lawn and garden areas and should be deposited directly into runways or burrows. For best results, bait should be used for 3-4 consecutive days. Great to be used with the Wilco Probe 'N Funnel 70300.

Product comes in 2 sizes: 1 lb and 5 lb bottles.

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Location of Runways: To locate gopher’s natural runway, probe about 6” to 8” inches from an active mound beginning on the flat side of the horseshoe-shaped depression. Using an iron bar, a strong stick, the probe from a Probe‘ n Funnel kit, a Gopher Bait Applicator bait dispensing probe, or a Gopher Getter Midget bait-dispensing probe, or other suitable implement, probe 8“ to 10” inches below the soil level. Soil resistance on probe will decrease when runway is entered.


1. GOPHER BAIT APPLICATOR METHOD: Turn hand probe unit upside down to attach or remove bait bottle which screws into the dispenser. The 1-lb. container for Gopher Getter Type 2 Bait by Wilco may be screwed directly into the dispenser. Otherwise, add the amount of bait needed to the bottle that comes with the Gopher Bait Applicator and screw the bottle into the dispenser. Using probe end, probe around mounds to locate runways (see “Locating runways” above.) Lift handle three times to deposit bait in each active runway. Pick up or bury any spilled bait immediately. Makes 2-7 bait sets per burrow system, depending upon the systems apparent length. For best results, this bait must be placed in the gophers’ active runway for four (4) consecutive days or until activity ceases. 

2. HAND PROBE AND FUNNEL METHODS: Enlarge probe hole(if necessary) to accommodate baiting. Use water proof gloves and a scooping device (preferably long-handled) to transfer the bait from container to the bait applicator. Insert one-half cup bait into each active runway through probe opening or through the funnel, if using the Probe’ n Funnel kit. Take care not to spill bait on the surface. Pick up any spilled bait immediately. Makes 2-7 bait sets per burrow system, depending upon the systems apparent length. For best results, this bait must be placed in the gophers’ active runway for four (4) consecutive days or until activity ceases. 

3. GOPHER GETTER MIDGET: Remove cap from built-in bait reservoir and fill with bait. Replace and tighten cap. Using probe, probe around mounds to locate runways. To deposit bait in each active runway, turn crank six full turns, stopping back at the closed position. For best results, this bait must be placed in the gophers’ active runway for four (4) days in a row or until activity ceases.

CLOSING RUNWAYS - After bait has been applied, cover probe opening with sod or dirt. Do not permit dirt to sift in or cover bait.


Using waterproof gloves, collect and burn (where permitted) or bury all visible dead animals. Dispose of leftover bait according to pesticide disposal on product label.

Note: Read entire label and follow complete directions and use precautions. 

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Gopher Getter
    By Sheryl in Lakeside, CA on 07/19/2016

    This product was recommended to us by a pest control professional. It was shipped quickly. We are still fighting with the gopher so I will have to post another review.

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03/11/2015 Francisco from Indio

QIs their any product stronger than Wilco Gopher Getter Type 2 Bait?

AWilco Gopher Getter Type 2 Bait is the strongest product we carry labeled to kill pocket gophers.  

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