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Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait

Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait is a bait which ground squirrels find irresistible and highly palatable. The large size pellets encourage squirrels to consume it immediately rather than store it. The ingredients consist of cracked corn, cottonseed mean, corn meal, and almonds. The active ingredient is Diphacinone, which reduces the possibility of secondary or non-target poisoning. Bait should always be used with tamper-resistant bait stations. No pre-baiting is required.

This product is allowed for sale in the following states: AZ, CA, ID, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA


  • Store product not in use in a location out of reach of children, pets and livestock.
  • Apply this product in secured, tamper-resistant bait stations. These stations must be resistant to destruction by dogs and by children under six years of age, and must be constructed and used in ways which prevent such children from reaching into bait compartments and obtaining bait. Stations must be secured so that they cannot be overturned by young children, pets or winds. Stations used in areas open to livestock and/or non-target wildlife must be secured so that the units cannot be readily overturned by any non-target animals that have access to them.
  • Dispose of product container and unused, spoiled and unconsumed bait as specified on label.

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  • 4 of 5 people found this review helpful:

    By Allan in VISTA on 08/16/2015

    The product works great. I have been able to find the product cheaper at local brick and mortar stores.

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  • 4 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Love it!
    By Lori in Orland, Ca on 07/20/2016

    I've had the best luck dropping the pellets directly into the squirrel holes vs using the bait box. The pellets are eaten by the next day and I stop seeing the squirrels, until about 2 weeks later, when the next batch hatches, then I just bait the holes again. Definitely knocked down our squirrel population!

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  • 3 of 3 people found this review helpful:

    1 of 5 stars  Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait
    By Linda in California on 06/02/2016

    This does not work!! The squirrels have turned their noses to the bait and haven't taken any pellets. It is advertised to be "irresistible" to the squirrels but it's not.

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  • 2 of 3 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Ground squirrel bait
    By Gordon in Tarzana CA on 10/21/2015

    It was exactly what I ordered and arrived at expected.

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05/05/2015 Tarafunk from Auburn, Ca

QDoes the Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait itself kill squirrels?

AWilco Ground Squirrel Bait will eradicate ground squirrels and should be placed in tamper resistant bait stations.

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07/23/2016 Tony from Hanford, Ca

QWhat are the ingredients and percentages of the Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait?


The Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait contains 0.005% of Diphacinone and 99.995% other inert ingredients.

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11/02/2015 Elizabeth from Albuquerque, Nm

QHow long does it take for a squirrel to die after consuming Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait?


Timing of eradication could vary depending on how much bait is consumed. It is suggested to apply the Wilco Squirrel Bait in tamper resistant stations for at least 15 days and continue to bait until signs of feeding stop.

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05/25/2016 Keith from Ramona, Ca

QDo you sell dcq products for ground squirrel eradication in bulk to the general public?
I live just outside San Diego, CA and have a 10 acre vineyard. We are having a major infestation of ground squirrels now. I need to put down several bait stations and need to buy it in bulk. I am looking to purchase about 50# of squirrel bait/poison to put in my bait stations made of 4" pvc.


We do no sell DCQ products, however we do sell Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait that can be shipped to California. Also please take a look at the Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait Station to get an idea of how large the holes are. They recommend that you fill these up with the bait. That would give you an idea of how much bait is in the container as well.

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08/05/2016 Dana from Reno, Nevada

QIf a pet eats or chews on a rodent that died from consuming Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait, will the pet become poisoned?


According to the Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait label, "This product is extremely toxic to mammals and birds. Dogs, cats and other predatory and scavenging mammals and birds might be poisoned if they feed upon animals that have eaten the bait." If secondary poisioning occurs, we recommend contacting your vet as soon as possible.

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03/11/2015 Regas from Colorado

QI have a colorado pesticide license - can you sell to mean Colorado?

AYes, if you have a pest control license, we can ship Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait to you. We will need a copy of your pest control license and your drivers license. This can be attached to this email and sent or faxed to us at 770-709-5398.

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02/21/2015 Cheryle from Ada, Oklahoma

QWhy is squirrel bait not available in Oklahoma? Do you have something that will get rid of squirrels in attic

ASome products are restricted due to different State regulations. You  may be interested in the WCS Squirrel bait.

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07/01/2015 David from Arroyo Grand Ca. 93420

QCan Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait be used on California public school grounds?

AWilco Ground Squirrel Bait can be shipped to California. We cannot make recommendations for products used in a school environment. You will first need to contact your Agricultural Dept.

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