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Wood Roaches

Cockroaches are not only one of the oldest insects, but also one of the most unwelcome. There are many types of roaches but, contrary to popular belief, not all want to be inside your home. Wood roaches are outdoor-dwelling cockroaches that are often found in wooded areas and in stacks of firewood but sometimes find their way into your home. Read on below to learn about wood cockroaches, where you can find them, and how to keep these occasional indoor pests out of your home.

Wood Roach Identification and Habitat

Wood cockroaches are small, only about one inch long. They’re a dark chocolate brown color with a tan stripe around the edge of the wings. The males have very well developed wings and can fly long distances, while the females have small, nonfunctioning wings. These insects feed on decomposing decaying organic matter.

Nymphs and adults are generally found under bark in woodpiles, hollowed out trees, and stumps. The males are very attracted to lights, so they will fly to your exterior lights and then find their way inside. Females will make their way inside to find shelter. They can also be brought indoors when you bring in wood from an infested woodpile. Large numbers may be found during the roach’s mating season in the spring. Houses with wood siding, cedar shake shingles, or large woodpiles are more likely to experience wood roach problems.

Wood Roach Pictures

wood roach

wood roach picture 2

Wood Roach Control

If you do happen to find a few wood roaches in your house, there are a few things you can do to deter and prevent these roaches from entering again. Wood roaches do not establish colonies indoors; so if you do find some in your home, simply vacuum them up. Control is going to come from outdoors, so follow these steps:
  • Sanitation: Since these roaches feed on decaying organic matter, woodpiles and leaf piles and other lawn debris creates the perfect place for wood roaches to harbor. Cleaning up all lawn debris and keeping woodpiles far from your home will cut back on harborage areas. 
  • Do not store firewood indoors, as you risk bringing in infested wood; this also applies to all wood-dwelling insects.
  • Ensure your window screens are free of holes and all caulking and seals around doors and windows are intact. Roaches don’t need much space to get inside.
  • You can treat foundations, around doors and windows, porches, and anywhere around exterior lighting. Reserve chemical treatment until you encounter the wood roaches in your house. Choose products formulated for cockroaches and always follow all instructions and safety guidelines.

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