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Advance Liquid Ant Bait gallon
This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please consider our other liquid ant baits as alternatives to this product.
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Advance Liquid Ant Bait

Advance Liquid Ant Bait is a balanced formulation of sugar and water that ants desire and need. It can eliminate the entire ant colony. We highly recommend using this in conjunction with a granular bait as ants may feed off sweet and granular baits at any given time, and they change their preferences often as the needs of the colony changes.

Advance Liquid Ant Bait is a balanced formulation of sugar and water that ants desire and need. It can eliminate the entire ant colony, controlling ants such as acrobat, allegheny, Argentine, bigheaded, carpenter, cornfield, crazy, ghost, harvester, honey, little black, odorous house, pavement, pharaoh, pyramid, thief and whitefooted ants.

Advance Liquid Ant Bait can be used in and around commercial, industrial and residential buildings including apartments, garages, food storage areas, homes, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, motels, office buildings, restaurants and other food handling establishments, schools, supermarkets, transportation equipment (buses, boats, ships, trains, planes), utilities and warehouses.

TIP: As in all baiting, don't use other insecticides when baiting, as this will keep the ants from taking the bait. Also try a granular bait (a grease-based bait) as well as Advance Liquid Ant Bait (a sweet bait), as ant colonies need both nutrients, and they may feed off different types of bait at different times. The ants' preferences for sweet baits and granular baits can change at any given time.

PT brand 381B Advance liquid ant bait delivers 1.3% borax in every drop of bait. When discovering PT 381 B liquid ant bait, the ants consume the bait, recruit other workers and eventually pass the toxicant to other colony workers. Overtime the colony is eventurally eliminated. To successfully eliminate an ant colony, always maintain a fresh supply of PT brand 381 B Advane liquid ant bait.

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01/24/2013 John from Boynton Beach, Fl

QAdvance 381B Liquid ... Can this product be sprayed? If so full strength or diluted?

AAdvance Liquid Ant Bait is not labeled to be sprayed but rather placed out in bait stations or trays.

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