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Aliette WDG Fungicide

Aliette WDG Fungicide provides dual systemic protection against pythium, downy mildew, Phytophthora, and many other diseases on ornamentals and turf. Traveling both up and down through the plant system Aliette WDG Fungicide fully protects the plant and prevents wash off. Aliette WDG Fungicide attacks disease at several different stages of growth for greater protection against disease. By inhibiting spores from producing Aliette WDG Fungicide keeps disease from spreading to nearby plants. Aliette WDG Fungicide also bolsters the plants natural defenses against disease.

Do not apply this product in intervals shorter than 14 days to avoid copper phytotoxicity.

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    5 of 5 stars  Aliette Fungicide
    By Mark in Notyobidness, Indiana on 07/11/2016

    Aliette is a great product. However, the manufacturer advises against using a surfactant/sticker/spreader with this product. "Due to ALIETTE(R) WDG Fungicide's acidic nature, do not tank mix with acid type compatibility spray adjuvants (e.g., Buffit(R) Spray-aide, Triton AG-44M) or with adjuvants designed to enhance pesticide penetration (e.g., Herbex(R) or Induce(R))."

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03/16/2014 Christi from Richmond, Va

QHow do you mix Aliette WDG Fungicide in smaller quantities?
I have a 4 gallon sprayer and I need to know who much Aliette WDG to put in for my boxwood.

AYou would need to mix roughly 0.5 ounce of the Aliette with every 2 gallons of water to every 1000 sq/ft that you treat. The water will act as the carrier not the diluter.

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05/15/2016 Andy from Sugar Land, Tx

QDo you recommend to use a surfactant when applying Aliette WDG Fungicide?


Yes, adding a surfactant like Southern Ag Non Ionic surfactant, will allow for†Aliette WDG Fungicide†to stay on the surface you have sprayed. This helps promote better uptake of the product.†

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11/11/2013 Jerry from Highland, Ca

QCan Aliette WDG Fungicide treat Avocado tree root rot? How is it applied? How much do I apply?

AAliette WDG Fungicide is labeled to treat root rot. However, it is not specifically labeled for Avacado root rot. We recommend contacting your Master Gardener at Your Local Cooperative Extension Office to find out what treatment is recommended in your area.

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06/27/2013 Leah from Lander Wy.

QDoes Aliette WDG Fungicide kill lawn mushrooms
I have several circles in my lawn where mushrooms grow on the edges of the circles. If this product doesn't kill these can you recommend a product that does thank you

AAliette WDG is not labeled to treat mushrooms. We recommend you contact your local cooperative extension office and get the mushroom identified and the master gardener on staff should be able to tell you what will work to eliminate the type of mushroom you are dealing with.

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07/01/2016 Mary from Copenhagen, Ny

QHow long before rain should I spray my hop leaves with Aliette WDG Fungicide?


The Aliette WDG Fungicide product label does not list any specific waiting time before rainfall, but we would always recommend to have at least 24 hours after application before rainfall.

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05/10/2016 Michael from Orange

QWhat is the mixing ratio of Aliette WDG Fungicide per gallon of water?
I am growing hops on a very small scale, spraying with a 4 gal back pack sprayer.


The mixing ratio is 0.5 oz. of Aliette Fungicide per two gallons of water. Water acts as a carrier with this product and will cover 1000 square feet.

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05/13/2017 Michelle from Niverville

QCan I use Aliette WDG Fungicide if I sprayed copper last week?
What do I need to be concerned about or is there something I should mix with the Aliette to lessen any issues due to prior application? I read something on the label but don't quite understand it.


As long as 7 days has passed since the application of copper you should be ok to apply the†Aliette WDG Fungicide. †The label is advising against tanking mixing with solubilized copper or applying back to back.

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