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Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol

Alpine Pressurized Insecticide is a Reduced Risk nonrepellent aerosol for control of crawling and flying insects. All Alpine formulations contain the active ingredient dinotefuran, a new nonrepellent to the pest control industry that the EPA has granted reduced-risk status for public health use. Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is a contact kill (non-residual) insecticide for use as a crack and crevice, void, spot, or injection treatment for listed pests.

How Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol Works

Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is a pressurized insecticide with the Reduced-Risk and non-repellent active ingredient dinotefuran. Dinotefuran works through contact and ingestion and disrupts insect nervous systems for fast, effective control. Dinotefuran is a newer active ingredient in the class of insecticides called neonicotinoids, disrupting the insects’ nervous system and causing paralysis and death. Products with dinotefuran, such as the PT Alpine line, are granted an official “Reduced Risk” status by the EPA.

Dinotefuran kills pests on contact. Pests must be directly contacted at time of application in order to be effective. Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is a reduced risk nonrepellent aerosol, so it should be considered effective as a contact spray only.

Target Pests

Ants, carpenter ants, bed bugs, Asian lady beetles, boxelder bugs, crickets, stored product pests, pantry pests, roaches, silverfish, fruit flies, phorid flies, stink bugs.

PESTS CONTROLLED: Ants (including foraging Carpenter, Fire, Harvester and Pharaoh Ants), Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs, Booklice, Boxelder Bugs, Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Crickets, Dermestids, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Flour Beetles (Red and Confused), Fruit Flies, German Cockroaches, Grain Weevils, Indianmeal Moths, Millipedes, Phorid Flies, Pillbugs, Powder Post Beetles, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders (excluding Black Widow), Springtails and Trogoderma.

Target Uses of Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol

Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is a versatile and unique ready-to-use insecticide. Use Alpine aerosol for contact kill, crack and crevice treatments, and injection treatments for a variety of common pests, including ants, roaches, and spiders. Alpine is a non-repellent insecticide, meaning it can be used in conjunction with baiting programs or with residual non-repellent insecticides, and is a great spray for ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs. Because of its Reduced Risk EPA status, Alpine is a great choice for sensitive environments, especially in areas where the use of residual sprays is prohibited or undesirable.

Unlike many aerosols, Alpine can be used for outdoor spot treatments, direct treatment of ant nests and trails, and for carpenter ants in trees, stumps, utility poles, and fences. Use the included straw for crack and crevice, spot, or injection treatments.

Alpine PT Aerosol will have a fast knockdown and kill time. Dinotefuran is a non-repellent, so Alpine PT Aerosol is effective primarily as a contact kill: it has no further insecticidal properties once the spray application is dry.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Dinotefuran 0.5%

Application Instructions

Use Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol where listed pests are found or known to harbor for contact, flushing, void, or injection treatments.

Crack and Crevice Treatment:

Use with the supplied actuator and injection tubes or other aerosol equipment. Place injections into cracks, crevices, holes and other small openings where insects may be harboring, living and breeding. For light infestations, move injection tip along cracks while treating at the rate of 3 ft/sec. For heavy infestations, move injection tip along at 1 ft/sec. For closed voids, calculate the void’s cubic area and treat at the rate of 1-5 sec/3 cubic ft. Several holes may be required in long-running voids. Reapply as necessary.

Spot Treatment:

Use with the supplied actuator and injection tubes. Hold container upright while spraying. Direct nozzle approximately 12” from surface to be treated. Apply directly on insects in these locations when possible. Reapply as necessary.

***Always read the product label completely before use***

Exact yield will vary with use because this is a ready-to-use product. The large 20 oz. can yields many applications.

Standard Application Rates:

*3 feet/second, 1 second at a time – Light infestations

*1 foot/second, 1 second at a time – Heavy infestations

*5-10 seconds per 3 cubic feet – Void applications

*5-10 seconds per hole – Foraging carpenter ants, argentine ants

For use in the following areas:

In and around Apartments, Campgrounds, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Non Food Areas (Meat Packing and Food Processing Plants, Restaurants, Supermarkets), Nursing Homes, Resorts, Schools, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks, Planes (do not use in aircraft cabins)), Utilities, Warehouses, and other Commercial and Industrial Buildings.


Crawling Insects: Apply as a Crack & Crevice or spot treatment where insects are harboring, traveling or breeding. Reapply as necessary. For example, openings around pipes and sinks, under refrigerators, pantries, behind baseboards, washing machines, stoves, cabinets, sewer, floor drains and meter boxes. In commercial areas, apply as a Crack and Crevice or spot treatment in office areas, stainless steel equipment, shelving, machinery, storage areas, pallets, and other areas where insects may be harboring, traveling, breeding or entering the structure.

Bed Bugs: Apply as a Crack & Crevice or spot treatment where evidence of bed bugs occurs. This includes bed frames, box springs, inside empty dressers, clothes closets and carpet edges, high and low wall moldings and wallpaper edges. Do not use this product on mattresses, pillows, bed linens or clothes. Remove all clothes and other articles from dressers or clothes closets before application. Allow all treated areas to dry thoroughly before use. Reapply as necessary. Not recommended for use as sole protection against bed bugs. If evidence of bed bugs is found in/on mattresses use products approved for this use.

Fruit and Phorid Flies: Treat cracks, crevices, voids, holes and small openings where these insects may be harboring, traveling, breeding or entering the structure as adults or larvae. Pay particular attention to breeding sites and areas containing debris. Spot treatment to surface resting sites not associated with food or food preparation areas, of the adults, is permitted. Treatment of the catch basin area of drains is permitted. Crack and crevice or spot treatment to the walls under manhole covers is also permitted. Do not spray product directly down into drains or sewers. Reapply as necessary.


Treatment of the Structure from the Outside: Treat where listed insects may be harboring, traveling, breeding or entering the structure. For example, weep holes, under siding, wall voids, soffits, around attic vents, cracks and crevices, openings around windows, doors and pipes and landscape timbers. Treatment of infested fences and tree holes is permitted. Direct treatment of ant trails is permitted.

To Kill Foraging Carpenter Ants Living Inside Trees: Determine the highest and lowest elevation of the colony. Drill holes into colony at highest elevation and inject 5-10 seconds. Do the same for lowest elevation. Drill intermediate holes every 4 ft. between the upper and lower elevations if required. Foraging carpenter ants must be directly contacted at time of application to be effective. Contact as many ants as possible. Non-residual treatment. Reapply as needed.

Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol Features

  • Broad-spectrum label for use against: ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders and occasional invaders.
  • Convenient, ready-to-use formulation.
  • Long-lasting non-repellent control of ants.
  • A perfect rotational partner in a nonrepellent program.
  • Indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Reduced Risk aerosol is safe to use in sensitive environments.

Extra Tips

  • Do not store or use near heat or open flame. Do not expose to temperatures above 130 degrees F.
  • Spraying on plants may cause phytotoxicity. Test an inconspicuous area before treating plants.
  • Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is a contact kill only. May be used in conjunction with baiting programs or residual non-repellent insecticides.
  • Use only in non-food/feed areas of food handling establishments.
  • Keep people and pets out of treatment area until product has dried.

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  • 6 of 11 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Alpine PT Review
    By Mike in West Homestead, PA on 10/18/2011
    Verified Purchase

    The Alpine spray I bought for Stink Bugs is effective. I spot spray the pests on our porch and door. It doesn't kill them instantly but in a couple of hours I have dead Stink bugs laying all around. I spray around the perimeter of the door and it seems to keep them away for a couple of days. I started using it in the Spring and have only seen a few that did sneak into the house compared to last year. I don't use the spray in the house. FYI, the Alpine dust that I bought didn't seem to work effectively.

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  • 3 of 3 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Best Solution for Carpenter Ants I've Found
    By Alison in Wedgeport NS on 09/26/2015

    Fantastically effective product! My summer camp has had carpenter ants in one wall for many years. Treated the wall with 2 cans of Alpine over several weeks in August. Killed hundreds of ants. Only a few were emerging after last treatment. Now (end of September) applied another half can. NO ANTS EMERGED. - I think we've got 'em - at least for this year....

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Awesome on RV's
    By Mark in Paoli PA on 07/07/2016

    Using the straw, I applied pin holes to the inside ceiling to get to the carpenter ants in a rotted wood corner. The roof had been replaced 2 years ago but the ants took advantage of the rooftop air conditioner for water ponding on the side pop outs. The roof did not leak but had very small holes on the side trim. The ants had enough to eat from tree dirt on the roof and plenty of water and remained undetected for two years. I put Advance Carpenter Ant bait on the roof and under the camper with Entice bait. Alpine took out the nest, we could hear the ants above the master bed, crunching on the wood. after treatment - silence. I am a licensee PA Tech

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  This Stuff Works
    By John in South Setauket, Ny on 05/21/2017

    After application, I haven't seen any ants at all! This is one very effective product and vastly superior to any store bought product like Home Defense!

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  • 5 of 5 stars  When properly used with crevice wand.
    By Catherine in Round Rock, Texas on 09/16/2016

    Sorry, it has taken a while to respond. I have been out of town. This is the second time I have ordered this product and have received it with no crevice wand. The spray goes everywhere except for the intended crevice. Please mail. Thanks! Catherine

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09/09/2010 Annette

QHow long does Alpine aerosol last? Is it a contact killing pesticide only?

AAccording to the Alpine PT product label, it will only work if you spray the insect directly. No residual properties are left.

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08/25/2010 M.

QIs Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol effective in bedbug control?
How does Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol compare with Suspend SC?

AAlpine PT Insecticide Aerosol has just recently hit the market and is labeled for bedbugs. This product has been tested by several universities and has an excellent efficacy rate. Alpine PT is not a synthetic pyrethroid like the Suspend SC, therefore bedbugs have shown no resistance to it at all. The only downside is that it cannot be used on mattresses or other furniture like the Suspend SC.

3 of 4 people found this answer helpful.
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04/25/2015 Lee from Hummelstown

QAlpine PT Insecticide Aerosol - 20 oz. kill kitchen moths if sprayed in cracks

AAlpine PT Insecticide Aerosol - 20 oz.   will kill indian meal moths. You also want to look into using traps like the Pro pest.

Was this answer helpful to you?  Yes No

09/24/2011 Rhonda from Winchester,va.

QDoes Alpine PT Aerosol work on the brown stink bug?

AYes, Alpine PT Aerosol will kill any insect that is applied to or any insect that walks over it while the residual is still active.  However, since it is a non-repellent insecticide, it does not have a very quick knock-down.  We have many products that are labeled for stink bugs, which you can find on our stink bug page.

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11/15/2016 Fatima from Brockton, Ma

QWill Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol kill rat mites?


No, Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is not specifically labeled for rat mites; it is only labeled for clover mites.

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01/04/2017 Pavel from South Hampton, Ny

QWhich product has a longer residual, Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol or PT 221L? Which would be better to treat for roaches?


Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is a contact kill (non-residual) insecticide for use as a crack and crevice, void, spot, or injection treatment for listed pests. PT 221L Residual Aerosol has a long residual (3-4 weeks) and is labeled to control a wide variety of insect pests including roaches. For more information on controlling roaches, please take a few moments to review our treatment article on How to Get Rid of Roaches for a successful eradication program. We would suggest the products in one of our Roach Control Kits.

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07/18/2016 Monte from Mo

QCan you use Alpine PT insecticide inside the home around draperies, carpets, rugs, tile, floor?


You do not state what you are treating for, for yes Alpine Pt Insecticide can be used inside for the majority of these uses. Draperies. floor junctions, crack and crevices, furniture (accept for sitting surfaces) can all be sprayed with this product. It is not however labeled for broadcast sprays over carpets and tile floors.

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08/01/2014 Bedi

QIs this product FLAMMABLE, COMBUSTIBLE? Can it be use in walls and celing around Gas Fireplace?
Looks like we have nesting that shares the two walls behind our gas corner fireplace and wood mantel. The ants trail up and down the exterior concrete and under the hardy siding. Recently they were up and down the inside wall at the same time others were flying out of the crown molding. There is fras adjacent the fireplace on the left wall, off about two feet with an outlet above it. It must be a mature nest. We caulked crown area off to keep them from flying out (disgusting), so they are in the two walls meeting in the corner and the above ceiling near a recessed light that focuses on the fireplace. Now that we know where they are, can we use this product? What's recommended??? Fireplace is on year round and get hot in that corner. How longs does this product last and will we blow our house up using it???

AAlpine PT Insecticide is not meant to be stored or used near heat or open flames.

Do not expose to temperatures above 130 degrees F. If you are wanting to use this product around that fireplace, we would recommend not using it while the fireplace is running or while the gas is on. It is only a contact kill so there is no residual. Also, we would not recommend spraying directly into the fireplace as well. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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08/01/2014 Bedi

Same Fireplace problem... The fireplace walls are exterior walls (one of EAST SIDE and one on SOUTH side of house). These have fiberglass insulation, sheet rock inside. Ceiling is void between first and second floor; wood construction. Tyvec and Hardy Board Outside with PVC Trim. Wood fence abuts to house at this corner, but is joined to meet corner PVC trim with two PVC blocks; one midway up the fence post and one on top. This was done to prevent ants. Fence post does not go into ground, it was sawed off when installed to prevent infestation. But, we saw tiny ants and flying ants all over this spot and up wall and fence the first night they were swarming. How could they be outside swarming and coming inside through the crown molding? Along this side is also an 12" deep of gravel so rain does sit on patio. Plus an underground (12" down) gas pipe that comes out wall from Fireplace and down along patio. We see ants coming out of ground right here and around the corner on the other fireplace wall. Help!

AWe would recommend using Phantom Termiticide/Insecticide. It is an insecticide that is mixed with water and sprayed along the baseboards and cracks and crevices where the ants are and walk. This can also be sprayed outdoors. We would not recommend spraying this directly into the fireplace but can be sprayed around it. Also, this product can be used outdoors around the perimeter of your home. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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