Bed Bug Anatomy

By DoMyOwn staff

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  • Internal Anatomy:
    • Males: Scent glands, testis, intestines
    • Females: Scent glands, intestines, genital chamber, mycetome, ovaries, and ovarioles
  • External Anatomy:
    • Bed bugs have three body segments: Head, thorax, and abdomen
    • Two antennae
    • Two eyes
    • Six legs
    • Reddish brown in color
    • Bright red after being engorged from a blood meal
  • Piercing sucking mouth parts, also known as a sharp proboscis, that they insert into the human host’s skin
  • Differences between sexes:
    • Males have sharpened genitalia
    • Female have a softened abdominal region for copulation
  • Primary source of nourishment
    • Human blood
    • Sometimes other mammal’s and bird’s blood

Example of Bed bug Nymph up close:

This nymph picture of a bed bug is noticeably more transparent and lighter colored than the adult forms.

Example of bed bug probing human skin up close:

This is an adult female bed bug on the surface the skin, take special notice to the dark rust color and circular abdomen region.

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