Beetle Traps

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New Serrico Beetle Trap
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Pheromone trap for the monitoring of cigarette beetles.

Varied Carpet Beetle Traps Kit (10 pack)
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These Carpet Beetle Traps are easy to use, non toxic, and has pheromone lures that will attract male carpet beetles.

Black Carpet Beetle Trap Kit (10 pack)
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The traps are easy to use and non toxic that contain pheromones used to lure black carpet beetles.

Pro-Pest Pantry Moth and Beetle Trap
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Ready-to-use trap which effectively catches pantry moths and beetles.

Hide Beetle Kit
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Hide Beetle Kits are easy to use, non- toxic traps that contain pheromones used to lure carpet beetles.

NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit
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This Cigarette Beetle Kit from Insects Limited has the top pheromone lure on the market with an easy to hang trap to capture beetles.

All Beetle Trap with Gel Attractant
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Low-profile trap with gel attractant will effectively lure different types of beetles.

All Beetle Trap with Glue Board & SPB Lure
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This low-profile trap with glue board and SPB lure will effectively attract different types of beetles.

Replacement Glue Boards - All Beetle Trap (50 glue boards)
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Replacement glue boards for the All Beetle Trap with Glue Board & SPB Lure

Lures for Black Carpet Beetle Traps (10 pack)
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Replacement lures for the Black Carpet Beetle Traps are easy to use and replace and works effectively.


Beetle traps are one of the most effective solutions to your beetle problem. The traps we sell are professional grade and can be used to trap many different kinds of beetles. Continue reading below the products on this page to learn about using beetle traps effectively.

Also see our beetle control page for more products to help you get rid of those unwanted beetles.

Using Beetle Traps
Most beetle traps available use a pheromone lure to attract the beetles to them. Some traps have an added lure that mimics their preferred food source. The beetles are trapped either by a sticky trap or a container shaped to keep insects from escaping but allow insects in. Sometimes, traps don't work on beetles. Ladybugs, or Asian lady beetles, aren't trapped easily indoors.

Japanese beetle traps use a lure and container, and people find moderate success using them on their properties. One trap usually covers about 500 square feet. Placing too many of these traps in one area can cause more beetles to be attracted to your lawn, inviting more feeding damage instead of decreasing it. See all of our Japanese Beetle control products for addtional options.

Carpet beetles can be destructive if gone untreated, but we sell kits that include carpet beetle traps that can help eliminate your carpet beetle infestation.

Pantry pests, which include several types of beetles including flour beetles, can be difficult to get rid of. Sticky traps and corner traps help to eliminate these pests from your food storage areas. 

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