Bird Barrier BirdSlide Gray 52 ft. (sl-g00)


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Bird Barrier BirdSlide Gray 52 ft. (sl-g00) gray bird slide (52 ft)

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Bird Barrier BirdSlide Gray 52 ft. (sl-g00)

Bird Barrier BirdSlide Gray 52 ft. (sl-b00) is the perfect solution for pest bird problems as it completely protects the ledges against all bird species. It is guaranteed that its angled slope will provide 100% ledge exclusion against pest birds and all pressure levels.

BirdSlide is installed on a ledge which will completely block access by creating an angle where birds cannot gain a foothold. Birds will slide right off and won’t get a grip. It will also keep bird droppings and nesting materials from building up on your ledges.

Bird Barrier BirdSlide is made from UV stabilized polycarbonate to protect the product from warping or discoloration and long lasting use - longer than its 5-year warranty. It can be installed on ledges, i-Beams, angle irons, eaves, and most L-shaped ledges. It comes in beige and gray colors but can be painted with any color to blend with the building. This specific model comes in gray which is easy to cut and install, and will not harm birds at all. It comes in a box of 13 4-ft. sections for total of 52 feet. Standard Bird Slide covers a 6 inch ledge while its flat panel or fin, can be glued easily on a clean surface with the use of Bird Barrier Bond. The fin can be trimmed down for narrower ledges, and an extension can be added for wider ones. However, it can also be screwed to wood for your preference.

Installation Instructions Step 1: Clean

Cleaning the affected nesting or roosting areas is an important and necessary step for the proper installation of BirdSlide. Because BirdSlide is bonded to the affected surface; proper cleaning is necessary for maximum adhesion.

Step 2: Measure

Before you begin installation you will need to measure out the area that will need BirdSlide. BirdSlide is manufactured in 4-foot length beams that can be custom cut to fit the affected area. Measure out the surface area to be covered. Measure both width and the depth of the surface area to be treated. Measure and mark the BirdSlide beam and cut the size needed.

Step 3: Install

In the center of the bottom of the BirdSlide drill 1/2" holes every 12 inches in a straight line lengthwise down the center. After you have drilled the holes, wipe away the plastic shavings and any electrostatic dust that might be clinging to the plastic beam. Using your caulking gun, apply the urethane based adhesive generously over the hole and on the bottom surface of the BirdSlide beam.

Step 4: Painting

BirdSlide can be custom color matched to blend in with the structure you are working on. To achieve a quality result when painting BirdSlide, preparation is key. First, the BirdSlide beams should be wiped clean of any dust particles. Then, it is suggested that you paint the beams with a water based exterior coat primer to prevent premature paint chipping. This will also enhance the color and longevity of the paint.

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