Bird Barrier Pigeon Trap (tt-pi10)


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Bird Barrier Pigeon Trap (tt-pi10) bird trap cage (12.05 lb)

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Bird Barrier Pigeon Trap (tt-pi10)

The Bird Barrier Pigeon Trap (tt-pi10) has the size and capacity to accommodate all bird sizes and this specific product captures live pigeons. It can be collapsed and folded down for easy transporting. It does not require any pins to pull or wire cutting to make the trap collapse, you can simply push the sides a bit and fold it flat. The pigeons will enter the trap at each end of the cage through bobs in a slanted wall and will be pushed towards the bait by the pocket door. The slanted wall will make it impossible for them to exit the trap easily. You can easily remove the birds through a spring loaded door at the top of the cage. Product dimensions: 40” x 22” x 13”.

Bird traps are an ideal solution for short-term population reduction, and our selection of designs includes traps geared to attract a wide variety of birds as well as unique species-specific designs such as sparrow traps, pigeon traps and starling traps.

Bird Barrier has one of the largest selections of bird traps on the market. All of our traps are made of durable materials made to withstand a range of environmental conditions while providing a humane solution to nearly any pest bird problem. We offer traps that can capture a single bird as well as those designed to trap multiple birds. Many of our traps are designed to allow mounting in a variety of locations including the ground, on walls, on the sides of buildings and even in trees. Some designs are collapsible, allowing them to be easily transported from one location to another, and some can be operated by remote control from as far away as 450 feet.

All of our traps feature the most innovative features and humane designs. Our laser traps feature infrared microprocessor-based electronic sensors to detect birds and activate the trapdoor automatically, and our line of sparrow traps includes a design cleverly mimicking a traditional birdhouse. In addition, many of the traps Bird Barrier offers feature feeders, water bottles and shade to ensure birds that enter the trap remain comfortable until release.

Most bird traps must be baited with food desirable to the type of bird you want to catch. Positioning of the traps is very important and most business owners and homeowners who use traps find their success in catching birds increases over time.

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01/30/2017 Bob from Eynon, Pa

QHow many pigeons can the Bird Barrier Pigeon Trap (tt-pi10) hold?
How sturdy is it ?


The†Bird Barrier Pigeon Trap (tt-pi10)†can hold up to 18 pigeons and is very sturdy, made from steel.

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