Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap Door (tt-sp15)


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Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap Door (tt-sp15) bird trap

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Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap Door (tt-sp15)

Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap Door (tt-sp15) is an exceptional trap that's specially designed for sparrows which doesn't look and function like a normal bird trap. It's considered one of the most humane bird trapping devices available on the market today with its safe method to capture birds. It provides a discreet, hygienic and gentle way to take out small birds from the building at a very low price.

The Trap Door must be baited with food that mostly appeals to sparrows. Once it's set, it will look like a simple platform with food. Birds will be drawn in and as soon as they pressed down the perch, the floor gives way under and that will cause the birds to fall down inside the ventilated box. The lid will automatically close to secure it so the birds can't get out. The birds will be safe and comfortable inside the box until they can be released out of the premises.

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    5 of 5 stars  Awesome - this thing is a bird magnet
    By Danny in Ludington , MI on 05/20/2014

    Bought 2 of these to get rid of the sparrows and starlings that come into my warehouse at various times of the year and poop all over my products. My version came with the built in calling sound. Put a small piece of bread in the rear of the feeding tray and set the call to come on the next morning. Sure enough when I came in and checked the lid was down - hooray I've got mail! So far i caught 3 of the 4 sparrows currently trapped inside the warehouse. When the birds are gone I will set it up to wait for any birds that straggle in and hopefully catch them before they settle in for a stay and do real damage.

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    5 of 5 stars  Works great
    By John in Cincinnati on 08/28/2015

    Wanted to come back and report that this trap worked out perfectly for us to capture a problem sparrow that had been eluding capture in our store. We used bread for bait and added the bird call and the sparrow came right to it. Let it go outside. Bye Bye Sparrow!

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04/11/2016 Lisa from Sunbury, Oh

QWhat is the procedure for removing birds from the Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap Doo?


To release the bird outside from the Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap Door (tt-sp15) simply open the “Trap Door” lid and it will fly out.

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