Bird Seed Cakes & Plugs

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Pine Tree Farms Fruit Berry and Nut Seed Bell Bird Food 16 oz. (1340)
Out of Stock
A very affordable seed bell to give your birds a delicious healthy treat.

Pine Tree Farms Hi - Energy Suet Cake Bird Food 3 lb. (1431)
Out of Stock
Rich in calories that maintains the heat and energy levels of wild birds.

Pine Tree Farms Nutsie Seed Bar Bird Food 16 oz. (7001A)
Out of Stock
A great source of energy for your feathered friends.

Pine Tree Farms Orange Suet Dough Bird Food 13.5 oz. (1080)
Out of Stock
A premium 13.5-ounce suet dough cake in orange flavor.

Pine Tree Farms Variety Suet Cake Bird Food Pack (VP6200)
Out of Stock
This package can also be given as a gift for bird lovers so they'll be able to let their feathered visitors enjoy these great flavors.

Pine Tree Farms Woodpecker Bar Bird Food 14 oz. (1580A)
Out of Stock
A 14 oz seed bar, perfect for Woodpeckers but can attract a variety of birds too.

Pine Tree Farms Woodpecker Classic Seed Log Bird Food 5 lb. (8002)
Out of Stock
Attracts a variety of birds and is a great source of energy.


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