Birds Away Bird Scare Spider (sd-sp10)


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Birds Away Bird Scare Spider (sd-sp10)

The Birds Away Bird Scare Spider (sd–sp10) is a battery-operated decoy designed to scare away woodpeckers. It's sound activated, and drops down on 18 in. string to scare off the birds. It climbs back up again to wait for another motive. It's a visual repellent, designed to effectively chase away a variety of birds on the area. Woodpeckers do not like to feel surrounded by predators and with the product's design, the woodpecker would be less likely to remain on your premises and just leave. It's most effective to put on trees, either in your garden or backyard. This will effectively chase away woodpeckers and keep them away from your house or buildings, even any outdoor setting. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).


Lift up the plush velcro battery cover located on the spider’s left side. Use a phillips screw driver to unscrew the battery compartment cover. Install 2 “AA” size alkaline batteries (not included) in the proper (+) (-) positions. Place the cover back on and screw it closed. Then, fold the velcro flap back to cover up the battery compartment. Turn the power switch to the “on” position and find a good place to hang the spider by the loop tied to the end of the web string. Hang the spider under the eaves of your home where the bird is attacking. You can hang it on a hook, or attach it to a pulley system, as shown. The pulley system allows fast maintenance. Make the string long enough so you can lower the spider to change the batteries without the use of a ladder. It is important to position the spider at least 6 inches away from the wall so the its legs do not grab the siding when climbing back up the string. Keep the spider dry. Use enough units to adequately protect the areas being attacked. you can check the batteries by clapping to see if the spider drops.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Woodpeckers are TERRIFIED of these cuddly looking fellows!
    By Marelin in Forest Falls, CA on 10/02/2014

    Three years ago acorn woodpeckers attacked my house. Nothing worked, and after hundreds of 1/2" holes in the house (each with an acorn jammed inside), I tried these. WOW! After several weeks of woodpeckers circling the house squawking (imagine a scene from Hitchcock's 'The Birds'), but not daring to lite, the woodpecker activity died down. Last month we finally took the spiders down (it takes a bunch of 'em to properly defend the whole house - we used 12). A month later, the wood peckers are back. And I'm buying more spiders ... just in time for Halloween.

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