Black Carpet Beetle Trap Kit (10 pack)


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Black Carpet Beetle Trap Kit (10 pack)

Black Carpet Beetle Trap Kit (10 pack) are easy to use, non toxic traps that contain pheromones used to lure carpet beetles and rid them from your home. Carpet beetles and larvae will eat anything in your house from organic materials from cloth fibers to human food. The pheromone in the traps last for 6 weeks and are pesticide free, allowing children and pets to be around.

Contains 10 traps and 10 lures.

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04/09/2015 Leezette from Cameron, Ny

QPheromone OD
i read that using more than 1 trap at a time may not be helpful as the bugs can get confused as to where the target is and not go anywhere. The traps are expensive and look like they can't be reused...what makes these better than the traps with the outside housing and the pheromone bait that attracts both moths and the crawling stages??(X-Lure) Thank you


Using more than one moth trap in a room will oversaturate the area. The mothes in turn will not go into the traps and become confused. This is why only 1-2 traps should be used in the same home. The Black Carpet Beetle Traps cannot be reused.

The Black Carpet Beetle Traps are different from X-Lure RTU Combo Traps. They are made by two different manufacturers, hence the price and difference in what the traps treat. The X-Lure Traps do only come with 6, while the other comes in a pack of 10.

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