Bonide Copper Fungicide

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Bonide Copper Fungicide

Bonide Copper Fungicide is for use in organic gardening and will control a number of diseases such as downy mildew, leaf spots, anthracnose and other listed fungal diseases. Use Bonide Copper Fungicide on listed vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and flowers. Will not burn plants.

As a Dust:

Control of disease depends upon thorough and complete application (a thin, uniform film) to both tops and undersides of leaves. Small canisters may be used as a duster by partially crushing and rapidly squeezing the sides in upright position, or use a good pressure duster. Application when wind is very light or absent, usually early morning or evening, will prevent drift and loss of product to adjacent areas.

As a Spray:

(Using hand or tank sprayers) – Add proper amount of powder to small amount of water, strain, add remainder of water and spray – agitate sprayer to keep nozzle from plugging. Apply 3 gallons of mixed solution to a small tree or bush, 6 gallons of mixed solution to a medium size tree, or 9 gallons of mixed solution to a large tree. Thoroughly spray upper and lower surfaces of foliage to the point of runoff. Do not overspray

This product is intended for small garden use only.

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05/12/2013 Tim from Olympia, Washington

QDoes Bonide Copper Fungicide contain copper octhanolate. Is it a replacement for phyton 27?

AThis product contains 7% copper sulfate. The Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide is a 10% copper Octanoate. We are not sure what Phyton 27 is as we do not carry this product. We suggest you contact the manufacturer Bonide for further information at 1-800-536-8231.

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04/27/2016 Dan

QIs Bonide Copper Fungicide a dust or a liquid concentrate?


Bonide Copper Fungicide comes as dust but has directions to mix with water if you would like to apply as a spray.

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07/12/2014 John from Ashland Wi 54806

QBonide Copper Fungicide dust for cabbage in place of Sevin dust

ABonide Copper Fungicide will treat for disease on plants. Sevin will treat for insects. We do not ssee any way that you could use Bonide Copper in place of Sevin.

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