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Bonide Garden Dust

Bonide Garden Dust is a natural way to control insects and disease in your garden. The special blend of pyrethrin, copper, and sulfur is easy to dust or spray on fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The dust is tinted green to blend in with your plants' foliage.

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08/14/2016 Ken from Ny

QDoes Bonide Garden Dust kill Yellow Jackets?


Bonide Garden Dust†is not labeled for Yellow Jackets. We would not recommend it. Please visit our Yellow Jacket control page for the most effective tips and products.†

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09/02/2016 K. from Bear, De

QWill Bonide Garden Dust help with my frog problem?
Or can you recommend something . I have a terrible problem with Tree frog. I also need something to put in my fountains .. these frogs are everywhere ... Help!


Bonide Garden Dust†will not help with frogs directly, and it cannot be applied to water. †It is only applied to†Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers as directed on the product label.

There are no toxic products labeled for frogs or toads (or reptiles for that matter), and given the highly beneficial nature of these amphibians there is not likely to be anything coming along.The reasons they are on your property are because they can find food and proper habitat, and these are probably your only means for making them go away. Take away their food and they will forage somewhere else. Take away the conditions they need for hiding all day and they will seek refuge someplace else.

Habitat modification may be the more effective way to limit frogs on your property. Frogs are mainly nocturnal, and they seek food at night when it is cooler and damper. During the day they look for cool, damp, dark places to hide. They will hide under dense shrubbery or ground covers, under logs or lumber on the soil, or under large landscape rocks and timbers to avoid the hot, dry sun. Trim shrubbery, remove thick ground-cover, stack lumber or firewood off of the soil a few inches and remove any other objects or debris that come in contact with the soil and can provide harborage. Limit watering to help eliminate moisture from your yard.† You can also reduce the amount of insects (the frogs food source) in your yard by treating the grass with a residual insecticide such as†Talstar PL.

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07/15/2013 Shannon

QWill Bonide Garden Dust harm bees?

AYes, Bonide Garden Dust product label states that it is highly toxic to bees. If you are looking for a product that will not harm bees, Mavrik Perimeter is the only product that we are aware of that is labeled not toxic to bees and is safe to spray on ornamental plants. You should only apply the product when bees are not actively foraging in the area and once it has dried it will be safe for the bees. Please be aware this product is not to be used in or around edibles.

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05/26/2014 Cara from Pawnee

QBonide Garden Dust is a little over a year old will it still be effective?

ABonide Garden Dust if stored in a cool dry area should still be effective a year or more later.

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