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Bonide SNAKE STOPPER - CASE (12 x 4 lb shaker jugs)Bonide SNAKE STOPPER - CASE (12 x 4 lb shaker jugs) case (12 x 4 lb shaker jugs)

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Bonide Snake Stopper

Bonide SNAKE STOPPER uses a special combination of natural ingredients to safely and effectively repel snakes, lizards, and iguanas without harm. The clove oil, cedar oil, cinnamon oil and sulfur blended in Bonide SNAKE STOPPER triggers a powerful response in snakes that makes them want to avoid and escape from the treated area. Snakes use the Jacobson's organ to taste the air around them and they find that Bonide SNAKE STOPPER is extremely unpleasant. Use Bonide SNAKE STOPPER on your decks, patios, gardens, yards, sheds, campsites and other outdoor areas where you want to keep snakes away. Completely safe for children and pets.

May be used in areas where children and pets play. Bonide SNAKE STOPPER Snake Repellent is biodegradable and will not harm lawns, gardens, flowerbeds or other desirable plants when used as directed.

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    2 of 5 stars  Bonide Snake stopper
    By Dan in Port Allen La 70767 on 04/23/2013
    Verified Purchase

    I prefer the pellets better, the Bonide is a power and washes away easy. I am about to re-order the pellets and not use the Bonide power.

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06/12/2013 Lisa from Bunn. North Carolina

QDoes this product hurt chickens
I have chickens ,dogs and cats. The product says it will not harm pets and I am wondering if chickens is included?

ABonide SNAKE STOPPER is made up of all natural ingredients and will not harm chickens. It may irritate their senses, but will not harm them

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06/21/2015 Sylvia from Waterboro Maine

QWhat if snakes are already in an area and I spray the perimeter. Will they cross the barrier to leave?


If snakes are already in an area you cannot put up a perimeter treatment as this will trap them in. The best way to approach this scenario is by treating 2-3 sides of the area that the snakes are in to try and push them out of the area and allow them one section of untreated perimeter to cross back over through. Once the snakes are out of the yard you can then set up the full perimeter with the Snake Stopper. 

Here is a helpful article for getting rid of snakes with both chemical and non chemical steps

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06/13/2014 Randy from Albany, Georgia

QIs this product safe to use inside of your garden, on top of the plants and vegetables in the garden?
Are vegetables safe for human consumption if Bonide Snake Stopper has been used within your garden?

AWe do not recommend applying Bonide Snake Stopper directly to edible vegetation for consumption. It can be applied as barrier/perimeter treatment surrounding the garden per the product label.

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