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Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate

Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate kills and repels insects for up to one month using Permethrin. Use Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate indoors and outdoors according to label directions on pests such as ants, roaches, mites, ticks, spiders, earwigs, fleas, bees, moths, and more listed on the label. Effective on all stages of insect including eggs, larvae, and adults. Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate is effective on some pesticide tolerant pests.

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    5 of 5 stars  The Ultimate Pest Control
    By Carla in TN on 10/22/2013
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    In 2012 my mother rented some bedroom furniture from a well known rent to own store and that bedtime epiphany of "don't let the bedbugs bite" was no longer a fantastic imaginary thing, it was REAL. I never knew these disgusting critters were even real but their bites and the toll they took on me was not a figment of my imagination. I looked high and low and read review after review and finally decided to give Bonide Total Pest Control a try. I sure wish someone had told me about this before we got in debt with a pest control company that did no good at all. This concentrate is fast acting and it gets the job done. I have been successful at almost ridding our home of the pests and I continue now to spray at least once a week and whenever I find any signs any of any living bugs. I've spent less than $50.00 and I have this concentrate to thank for it. If you're wondering if this product works, wonder no more just buy it and see for yourself.

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11/08/2013 Erin from Virginia

QHow long is the formula good for once it's mixed and how long after you spray is it safe for humans to return?

AThe Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate should be used within 24 hours after mixing. Be sure to keep children and pest out of the treatment area until it fully dries. This normally takes an hour or two. If there is any unused pesticide after your application, the solution can be pour directly next to the exterior foundation of your home for safe disposal.

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05/09/2013 Cynthia from Lansing, Il 60438

QWill Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate kill spiders and related type insects and does it have an odor?
I think carpet in bedroom may have some type of noseeum been checked for bedbugs but was told don't have them. I have bites that look like tick bites 2 little holes on legs, arms and back and itch like heck then it hurts. I want to use throughout apartment carpet will it stain furniture ie. chairs, recliners and couch? I have no pets and none visiting. My email address is Help and thanks!!!

AWe highly recommend getting a proper identification of the insect in your home. You can try to catch the insect on the same type of Glue Boards used to catch mice, by placing them in the areas you think the highest activity is. Once you have caught some samples on the glue boards, take them to a local pest control company or an Entomologist at your local Cooperative Extension for proper identification. Every pest has a very different treatment method and treating with a product without an identification many times can make the problem you are having worse. The Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate does have spiders and similar insects on the label, and it is very important to follow the product label exactly for each insect you are treating for and the usage areas for those. If you use the product on furniture, it is advised you test it in a small inconspicuous spot first to make sure no adverse reaction occur.

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02/16/2017 Nathan from Campbell,mo.

QCan I spray Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate through my atomizer?
Spraying a rent house for roaches


We apologize but we are unsure what type of equipment an atomizer is as we do not carry anything under that type of name. †Bonide Total Pest Indoor Concentrate†should be applied using any standard pump sprayer or can be used in a portable aerosol system. †Sprays alone are not enough to eliminate roaches really. ††We would recommend one of our roach control kits. You can see the kits by clicking on the link here.†
We also have a great article for eliminating them here.

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