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BOR-RAM gallon
Bor-Ram has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  As an alternative you should use Bora-Care which is the same product with the same active ingredient and label. 
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BOR-RAM - CASE (4 gallons)BOR-RAM - CASE (4 gallons) case (4 gallons)
Bor-Ram has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  As an alternative you should use Bora-Care which is the same product with the same active ingredient and label. 
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Bor-Ram is a new glycol-borate based termiticide, insecticide and fungicide that protects wood against termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles (powderpost beetles), and wood fungi. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly and safe product for use around homes, or in green-building initiatives, look no further. Bor-Ram is similar to BORA-CARE, and features a new Aqueous Dispersion Technology (ADT) making it easier to pour, mix and handle and easier to mix on cold water. Bor-Ram soaks deep into raw wood making it essentially termite-proof. Great for log cabins, attics, wall studs, termite pre-treatments and more. Bor-Ram should be applied to raw, unsealed wood (but after the product dries a sealant or stain can be applied). Can be applied to other surfaces besides wood, including concrete. Can be mixed with Mold-Ram for mold prevention.

This product used to be sold and marketed under the Envincio brand name.

BOR-RAM is a borate-based technology. Borates occur naturally in the environment and exhibit low toxicity to mammals, but are lethal to termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Since these pests have not shown any ability to develop a resistance to borates, pest management professionals as well as homeowners and the environment can benefit from their use. The termites and other wood-destroying organisms are simply out of luck!

BOR-RAM is easily spray applied to wood or other construction materials and establishes a borate barrier in the food source. Termites and other wood-destroying organisms are eliminated when the borate enters their digestive systems. The borate barrier then remains in place to continue controlling labeled pests.


• Glycol-borate penetrates wood for maximum protection
• Eliminates existing and prevents future infestations of labeled target organisms
• Establishes a borate barrier so treated wood won't be breached
• Can be applied to materials other than wood
• Prevents termites from tubing across concrete
• Appropriate for indoor and outdoor application
• Aqueous Dispersion Technology (ADT) simplifies pouring, mixing and product application
• Borate-based chemistry promotes environmental stewardship
• Can be tank mixed with MOLD-RAM® for surface mold and mildew prevention

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    5 of 5 stars  GREEEEEATTTTT
    By Steve in West Union, SC on 01/12/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Works as advertised. Mixed as directed and eliminated the powder post beetles in Persimmon I cut about 10 years ago and stored in the barn.  Just now used to make a beautiful "antique looking" cabinet with all the worm holes.

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11/23/2013 Pat from Blakely Ga

QHow many sq ft does one gal of Bor-Ram cover?


Bor-Ram has actually been discontinued by the manufacturer, but per the product label one gallon of BOR-RAM 1:1 solution should cover 400 square feet of treated surface area.
As an alternative you should use Bora-Care which is the same product with the same active ingredient and label.

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09/09/2009 Ed

QDoes Bor-Ram kill fire ants?

ANo, BOR-RAM does not kill fire ants.  Bor-ram is a wood treatment product that only kills insects that eat wood, such as termites, beetles, and carpenter ants.  You should try one of our fire ant granule baits such as our Extinguish Plus Fire Ant bait.

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01/26/2011 Alberto

QIs Bor-Ram effective against the wood wasp?
I recently built a wooden house on the beach. I am looking for a product that will immunize the whole house, so I do not have to worry about any pests. I would like to know if this product is also effective against the wood wasp since it is not mentioned in the advertisement.

ABor-Ram has not been tested for wood wasps, so we can not say definitively if it work to kill them. We will say that in almost every case the wood wasps were already in the wood when it was used to build the structure. Once the larva matures and emerges, the new adults will not re-infest the wood. Wood wasps cause only minor cosmetic damage and are not a threat to the soundness of a structure. In homes where infested lumber has been used, usually only a small number of wasps emerge (less than 10) and they usually die soon after because conditions are not favorable inside a home for their survival. There is not a product that will stop your home from ever getting any pests in the future. Using Bor-Ram will protect the wood in your home from certain types of termites, carpenter ants, certain types of wood destroying beetles, fungi (rot) and  algae. Other pests that do not infest wood or wood products would not be effected by the Bor-Ram.

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12/28/2010 Mike

QCan Bor-Ram be applied to a sub floor (under carpet) before installing a laminate floor to prevent termites?

AYes, Bor-Ram can be applied to any type of wood including the subfloor as long as the wood has not been painted, stained, or sealed and it is raw wood.  There will be no issues with covering the subfloor with laminate after the Bor-Ram has had time to dry which is usually only 24 hours. Bor-Ram has been discontinued by the manufacturer, so we recommend that you use Bora-Care. Bora-Care is also a borate product that is used for wood treatments against wood destroying insects.

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