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Brandt Lawn Boost quart (32 oz.)
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Brandt Lawn Boost
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Brandt Lawn Boost will allow your grass to be healthier and greener! It is a plant food that is highly concentrated and suitable for lawn use. This formulation contains a unique blend of ingredients that are nutritional that will provide immediate greening to grass without rapid top growth. Risk of burn is also eliminated with this formulation. With this new technological advancement, Brandt Lawn Boost will provide your lawn or recreational area with the greenest grass out there.

Many leading golf courses and recreational sport arenas use Brandt turf products to maintain healthy turf. Our proprietary formulations contain nutrients and other technologies that improve water absorption and help build healthier, stronger grass. These technologies are now available for residential use, providing home gardeners with new solutions for lawn care. Use Brandt Lawn Boost on the lawn. For overall plant health this micronutrient package will keep your grass greener and healthier! Always read and follow label for detailed instructions.

Directions for Use:

For best results, apply twice a month as a foliar spray early in the morning or late in the day. Allow foliar spray to dry thoroughly before irrigation.

For Established Lawns (cool or warm season grasses)

Maintenance - 8 oz per gallon water per 1000 sq ft/2.5 gallon per acre

Renovation (aerating, dethatching, patching) - 6 oz per gallon water per 1000 sq ft/ 2 gallon per acre

For New Lawns (sod or seed)

4 oz per gallon water per 1000 sq ft/1.25 gallon per acre

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05/17/2015 Jason from New Brighton, Pa

QCan this product be mixed with a herbicide
can i tank mix Brandt Lawn boost with SpeedZone Red and should a spreader sticker be added? Thanks

AYou may mix Brandt Lawn Boost with Speedzone Red, along with a surfactant. However, we would recommend performing a jar compatibility test before large scale mixing. Also, keep in mind that the addition of surfactants and liquid fertilizers can impeded the selectivity of the herbicide so a spot treatment would also be recommended.

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