Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe)


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Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe) bag (5 lbs)

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Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe)

Valagro Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe) is an iron based product designed to treat and prevent iron deficiency in all crops. The ligninsulfonate (LSA) derived ligninpolycarboxylic acid (LPCA) in Valagro Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe) allows for quick absorption of iron into the plant.

Valagro Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe) is a microgranule product that is completely water soluble. Valagro Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe) is only recommended as a supplement to a well balanced fertilizer program.

WARNING: A compatibility jar test must be performed before mixing Valagro Brexil Fe (0-0-0+Fe) with products containing Calcium and or phosphate containing fertilizer. DO NOT treat peaches, apricots and kiwis after fruit has reached half of its expected size.

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