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Buck Jam - Wild Persimmon

Buck Jam is a juicy, salt based gel mineral lick that has a sweet fruit flavor and contains minerals that will keep deer at the site for a while. They will start licking and enjoying the minerals at once. It is also a food bait attractant that will attract deer daily to the site. The aromas will attract deer and keep them coming back. Comes in a 1 gallon jug and is a Wild Persimmon flavor.


Pour directly on the ground
Unlike other mineral supplements, Buck Jam attracts instantly once it gets out of the bottle. So all you need to do is pick your area, clear away debris and pour it out. Some of the minerals will begin slowly soaking into the soil to continue to attract deer back over a longer period of time.

Pour over decaying stumps, logs or other decaying matter
Buck Jam will very slowly begin to soak into the decaying wood it is poured on. Once saturated with the minerals and flavors, the decaying wood becomes a target of deer and other wildlife seeking sweet minerals in the woods.

Mix with grains or pour over feeds
Many times quality feeds go untouched by wildlife because they are unusual to the deer in the area. You can enhance your feed and jump start usage by introducing a flavor that they cannot resist. You can also allow the Buck Jam to dry onto grain before putting it out and then broadcast the grain over a 20’ x 20’ area to make them take their time eating it. (Use 1 qt per 25 lbs of grain.)

What is a good spot for Buck Jam?
Buck Jam works best when used in an area by itself located near a natural water source. When used in conjunction with other feeders, mineral lick usage normally decreases since deer are naturally browsers and do not feel comfortable staying in one area for a long period of time. Always locate your mineral sites at least 10 feet off of heavily traveled deer trails. Consider with multiple applications a wallow will be created in the site area and the plants around the site will be destroyed.

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