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Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide

Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide combines the best of Meridian 25WG insecticide and Heritage G fungicide to create a systemic, broad spectrum granule product for both disease and insect control. When applied at the right time and in the right place one application of Caravan G made between May 5 and July 15  can provide grub control for the entire season and an entire month of preventitive brown patch control. Using a combination product like Caravan G will save you time and money. Caravan G can be used on both commercial and residential lawns, athletic fields, and golf courses.

Follow up applications of Heritage G and Headway G can be made for additional disease control.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose product can control a broad range of insect and disease pests with a single visit; which results in reduced labor and fuel costs
  • Ready-to-use product available in a 30 pound bag with easy close zipper seal
  • Controls key turf and disease pests – white grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, ants and brown patch, red thread, pythium blight and leaf spot (see label for complete list of pests controlled)
  • Systemic control of insects and disease on turfgrass including golf courses, residential, commercial and athletic fields

Key Benefits

  • Proven performance of Heritage and Meridian; revolutionary approach to grub control with better looking, disease free lawns
  • Easy-to-close bag reduces waste from spills, allows the use of only what is needed for each treatment. Multi-purpose product to be carried on every service vehicle
  • Provides a cost effective spot or full yard treatment allowing professionals to treat for the broadest range of lawn damaging pests in a single visit

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    3 of 5 stars  Applied 7/5/13...More time needed to do it's job...
    By in Providence forge, va on 07/11/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Research of this product is very promising...I'm sure It will work fine within a few more days..The product and packaging appears to be superior to other like type products....

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04/08/2014 Warren from Osawatomie Ks

QHow many square feet does one 30lb bag of Caravan G cover?

AA 30lb bag of Caravan G will cover 10,000-15,000 square feet depending on the application rate you choose. Please be sure to read the product label for complete recommendations and use instructions.

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08/10/2013 David from Clinton,tn

QCan your Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide be applied with grass seed?


Yes according to the Caravan Product Label:

Application Timing
Caravan G can be applied to established turf or at seeding or during seed germination. Caravan G is effective when applied at labeled rates to help prevent and control turf insects and diseases. To help prevent white grubs, apply Caravan G up to 45 days before the historical peak of adult flight for the targeted species. Irrigate within seven (7) days of application to move Caravan G into the root zone where grubs feed.

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10/03/2014 Robert from Houston, Texas

QIs Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide safe on st augustine grass in Texas?
i have grubs and brown patch. will this help?

ACaravan G is save for use on all lawns incuding St Augustine. While this will certainly help with the brown patch, it likely will not give you control over your grubs as this is the wrong season to treat for them. Grubs should be treated for May through June and sometimes into July. This time of year the grubs are going to not be feeding on the lawn as much and are in a life stage that is harder to control before they go deeper in the ground for the winter. While it may help with some of the population of the grubs while treating your brown patch, it will not give full control in the lawn. We recommend doing another application around the beginning of May to try and kill them before they emerge. 

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06/04/2017 Pete from Dallas, Tx

QWhen do I water after applying Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide?


With Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide, you will irrigate following the application to adequately move the active ingredient into the soil.

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07/08/2016 Karyn from Bluffton, Sc

QCan Caravan G cause burnout of grass, especially if it is not dissolved?
A few patches of my sod look dead - The Caravan did not dissolve in these areas.


It is possible for any insecticide, herbicide, or fertilizer such as Caravan G†to cause slight burning†on turf if the product is not watered in as directed. This risk is higher under the added stress of high temperatures and drought during the Summer. Many turf diseases can cause the same appearance as burning, as well. Be sure to take necessary measures to keep the turf healthy, such as ample watering. Applications are best made in the early morning, when the turf is most recovered from any stress.

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05/03/2013 Steve from Mount Laurel, Nj

QIs it beneficial to apply Caravan G twice in a season? May and August

AThe amount of applications really depends on what region you are located in. To better answer your question please contact the manufacturer, Syngenta 866-796-4368.

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09/09/2015 Cindy from Apopka, Fl

QCan Caravan G be applied in a residential lawn in Florida after the window listed on the bag? How often do you reapply?


Caravan G can be applied to residential lawns in FL. It is best to apply the product prior to disease development or when conditions are favorable for disease development per the product label. It offers control for 14-21 days depending on what you are treating for. It is recommended to alternate fungicides as well.

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06/04/2014 Nan from Savannah, Ga

QWhy does Caravan protect against fungus 14-21 days andHeritage G for 14-28 days?
Is the application rate/spreader setting the same for both products?


The residual of Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide and Heritage, all depends on what you are treating for. With that being said, the applications would be different as well for the settings. you can find the settings and application here:Caravan G label and Heritage G Label.

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