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Catchmaster 150RI Roach and Insect Trap box (150 traps)

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Catchmaster 150RI Roach and Insect Trap

Catchmaster 150RI Roach and Insect Trap is a great solution for any small insect problem you have. These glueboards will catch roaches and other small insects. It is made to be folded, giving you a thin glue trap that goes with the roaches behavior. It is slim enough to fit into small, dark and tight spaces. It lasts up to a year at home and have 3 plus years of shelf life. 150 comes in a box.

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How Catchmaster 150RI Traps Work

The Catchmaster 150RI is designed to capture roaches and other insect pests in a discreet trap with a unique wood-grain exterior. The Catchmaster 150RI uses Catchmaster’s superior glue with an included food attractant to lure pests into the trap. The low-profile box design also caters to roaches’ need to squeeze into tight, dark spaces. These non-poisonous traps take the catching strength of traditional flat glue boards and combine it with a discreet design for use in sensitive areas such as offices, kitchens, or hotels. The box shape also protects glue from dust and debris and allows all interior surfaces to be catching surfaces. Shelf life is at least 3 years.

Target Pests

Roaches and other small insects such as centipedes, ants, beetles, and earwigs

Target Uses

Glue boards are always an important tool in pest identification, monitoring, and treatment. This trap is an excellent tool for roach control and general insect control indoors. The Catchmaster 150RI takes design further by including a food attractant and a decorative exterior to blend in with surroundings. Use this low-profile, discreet trap in sensitive environments such as offices, kitchens, hotels, and public areas. Traps can be used alone in areas where sprays are prohibited, or as part of an Integrated Pest Management program for preventing, identifying, or monitoring infestations. Boards are easy to assemble.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: No active pesticides. Glue contains food attractants.

Application Instructions

Always read the product label completely before use. Boards are flat in the box. Remove protective covering to expose glue. Carefully fold trap along creases to create a box shape. Insert the tab into the slot to secure trap. Place traps in areas of pest activity or where pests are likely to be found. Monitor traps regularly and replace when full or if dusty. Discard traps in the trash after use.

*Using insecticide sprays on or near traps may reduce their effectiveness.

*Use out of reach of children and pets. Oil such as vegetable oil will dissolve glue.

Each box includes 150 traps.

Standard Application Rates

Place traps as needed wherever pests are seen or suspected.

For use in the following areas:

Use indoors in residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings. Place out of reach of children and pets.


Inspect for pest activity or areas likely to harbor roaches or other pests. Signs of roach activity include feces and cast skins. Place traps in locations such as under and behind appliances, behind furniture, in cabinets, along baseboards, or in corners. Monitor and replace traps as needed. Place out of reach of children and pets. Do not use on wet surfaces or areas exposed to moisture.


Catchmaster glue traps are not intended for outdoor use.

Catchmaster 150 RI Roach and Insect Trap Features

  • Discreet wood-grain style
  • Non-toxic
  • Best glue in the industry
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use in sensitive environments
  • Low-profile design makes an attractant harborage site for roaches.
  • Glue includes food attractant for increased trapping.

Extra Tips

  • Glue attractant has a sweet, vanilla scent
  • Indoor use only
  • Place out of reach of children and pets. Vegetable oil may be used to dissolve glue, if needed.

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    5 of 5 stars  Catchmaster Catches
    By Michael in New York, New York on 08/02/2016

    I bought a box of 150 of these. I do understand these are mostly used for monitoring but they take the "chase" out of catching those straggler roaches. I set up around 10 in different parts of the apartment to help me pin point where the real problem areas are. American Roaches get stuck and can't go anywhere. Highly recommend this product for monitoring your pest problem and getting rid of those fast survivors.

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12/18/2013 Rc from Mclean, Va

QWhat are the dimensions of the Catchmaster 150RI Roach and Insect Traps?


The Catchmaster 150RI Roach and Insect Trap is 7" x 3.5" when flat. When folded, the dimensions are roughly 3"l x 3.5w x 3/4" h.

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08/31/2014 Rocco from My House

QAre the Catchmaster 150RI Roach and Insect Traps double sided?
Can you turn them over when full? Are they doubled sided?

ANo, Catchmaster 150RI are not double sided. You will fold them and place them in areas where roaches will be, such as on the side of the refrigerator, in cabinets, etc. Please let us know if you have any addtional questions.

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