Chapin Acetone Promo Sprayer 2 Gal. (26127)


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Chapin Acetone Promo Sprayer 2 Gal. (26127) sprayer (2 gal)

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Chapin Acetone Promo Sprayer 2 Gal. (26127)
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The Chapin 2 Gallon Acetone Promo Sprayer (26127) is used with acetone dyes for decorative concrete professional staining. It features EPDM seals and gaskets that can handle high concentrations from acetone. It has a funnel top to avoid wasting chemicals when filling and pouring, a large poly ergo pump handle that is lightweight yet durable and can be used for a long time. The Poly tank is translucent which allows you to view the tank level without the need to remove the pump cap and is made of a non-corrosive material to most pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

If you need any other accessories for the Chapin Acetone Promo Sprayer, we have it here for you.

Note: always consult the chemical manufacturer's instructions before choosing the type of Chapin sprayer for your specific need 

The Chapin Acetone Promo Sprayer also features:

Pressure Relief Valve

  • A valve on the tank or pump cap that removes compressed air from a pressurized tank before opening to fill or clean.

SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter

  • Prevents clogging of chemicals from tank to nozzle.

Adjustable Cone Nozzle

  • For precise spraying and to avoid over spraying to targeted areas.

Hose to Tank Assembly:

  • Make sure white outlet tube is attached to hose.
  • Insert tube into tank
  • Proper placement of white outlet tube.
  • Line up tabs on safety lock connector with notches on the outlet flange of the tank. Inset tabs into notches to form a secure seal.
  • Slip hose nut down to tank, turn clockwise and tighten as tight as possible by hand.

Refer to Manual for full instructions.

Care, Storage and Maintenance:

1) Do: Rinse tank thoroughly with water only, empty, refill with water. Follow Filling, Pressurizing and Spraying Instructions, except pump unit only 8-10 strokes. Be sure that the wand and nozzle are thoroughly rinsed with water after each use.

2) Do: Open shut-off and allow water to run through discharge assembly.

3) Do: Release pressure (Follow Pressure Release Instructions), remove pump and empty sprayer.

4) Do: Store sprayer tank upside down, with pump removed, in a warm dry location.

5) Do: Periodically oil pump by dropping 10-12 drops of light oil down pump rod through opening in cover.

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