Chapin Brass Fan Tip .10 GPM Female (Part# 1-5915)


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Chapin Brass Fan Tip .10 GPM Female (Part# 1-5915) fan tip (1-5915) $11.95
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Chapin Brass Fan Tip .10 GPM Female (Part# 1-5915)

Chapin Brass Fan Tip .10 GPM Female (Part# 1-5915)

Fits the following sprayers:

21210 Premier 1 Gallon Sprayer

21220 Premier 2 Gallon Sprayer

1180   Premier Steel Sprayer - 1G
1253   Premier Stainless Steel Sprayer - 2
1280   Premier Steel Sprayer - 2G
1380   Premier Steel Sprayer - 3G
1449   Industrial Viton Concrete Funnel To
1480   Industrial Funnel Top General Duty
1749   Industrial Stainless Steel Sprayer
19049   Xtreme Industrial Concrete Sprayer
19069   Stainless Steel Xtreme Industrial C
19149   Industrial Concrete Sprayer w/dripl
19249   Xtreme Industrial Concrete S
1949   Industrial Viton Concrete Open Head
1979   Industrial Viton Concrete OH w/ Fil

Industrial Viton Concrete Comp Char

22090   Industrial Poly Heavy Duty Sprayer
22149   Xtreme Industrial Concrete S
22170   Industrial Poly Concrete Sprayer -
22180   Industrial Poly Viton Concrete Spra
22190   Industrial Poly Viton Concrete Spra
22790   Industrial Poly Viton Heavy Duty -

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    By Martin in San Francisco on 11/15/2016

    My Chapin 1949 sprayer came with 0.5 gpm and 1.0 gpm fan tips, and here I bought the 0.2 gpm and 0.1 gpm fan tips to fill out my rack. This has the finest droplets for my Chapin 1949 sprayer. It provides a steady consistent fan pattern that allows for deliberate complete coverage in a horticultural setting. When I compared this to the larger 0.2 gpm Chapin Brass Fan Tip nozzle, I had to make a few passes over a leaf with this, while the larger nozzle might cover a leaf in one pass. So this 0.1 gpm version is the best for getting 100% coverage because you're going to be much slower, while you waste less and examine your target more closely. The 0.5 gpm version that came with the sprayer puts out too large of a drop for a canopy, but is a good size for soil coverage or concrete. Like screwdrivers, you'll want one of each size if you're like me. At this price DoMyOwnPestControl is really fantastic.

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05/22/2012 Jay

QWhich Chapin sprayers do these reduced volume tips fit?
On the 1-5943 you specify "Industrial Sprayers". What about the "1/4 inch .2 GPM Female, part 1-5933 and the .10 GPM Female, Part 1-5915 ? I have the Chapin Premier sprayer and am definitely in the market for a reduced volume tip for it.

AYou are correct.  The 1-5933 and the 1-5915 both will fit the brass wand that comes with the chapin premier sprayers.  To make this clearer, if you go to the pages with the 1-5933 and the 1-5915 we have added the sprayers it is compatible with.

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