Chapin Industrial Water Supply Tank 3.5 Gal. (4163)


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Chapin Industrial Water Supply Tank 3.5 Gal. (4163) sprayer (3.5 gal) $90.34
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Chapin Industrial Water Supply Tank 3.5 Gal. (4163)

The Chapin Industrial Water Supply Tank - 3.5 Gallon (4163) is a tank and pump sprayer that can be used for any industrial setting. It's ideal to use when core drilling and concrete sawing. The tank is made of metal, ensuring the units capability to last for years. This type of sprayer also features a Tri-Lock large opening that creates a strong and even seal for safe pressurizing. The metal tank provides better resistance from corrosion than other uncoated metal. This Water Supply Tank can handle 3.5 gallons of liquid and can be for everyday use if required.

Note: always consult the chemical manufacturer's instructions before choosing the type of Chapin sprayer for your specific need.

Pre – Use Check:

1) Do: Remove pump (see Filling, Pressurizing and Spraying Instructions), inspect interior and exterior of tank for signs of deterioration of body and bottom. Any sign of deterioration indicates possible tank weakening and could result in explosive bursting under pressure. If any of these signs are found, discard tank immediately and replace. Do not attempt to patch leaks, etc., as this could result in serious injury.

2) Do: Follow Filling, Pressurizing and Spraying Instructions, except use water only.

3) Do: Pump plunger 8-10 strokes and inspect for leaks.

4) Do: If unit passes this test, release pressure (see Pressure Releasing Instructions), empty tank, and proceed with Filling, Pressurizing and Spraying Instructions.

Refer to manual for full instructions.

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