Chapin Replacement Poly Shut-off Assembly for Chapin Sprayers (6-4626)


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Chapin Replacement Poly Shut-off Assembly for Chapin Sprayers (6-4626) shut-off

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Chapin Replacement Poly Shut-off Assembly for Chapin Sprayers (6-4626)
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The Chapin Replacement Poly Shut-off Assembly for Chapin Sprayers (6-4626) is specifically designed for Chapin sprayer units. It provides an immediate replacement in case of loss or damage of shut offs in sprayers. Its durable construction is made superb for long lasting efficiency.

This part goes to the following sprayers:

Lawn and Garden Stainless Steel Plus - 2G - Model #31440 UPC #023883314408
Lawn and Garden Tri-poxy - 1G - Model #31410 UPC #023883314101
Lawn and Garden Tri-poxy Steel Sprayer - 3G - Model #31430 UPC #023883314309
Janitorial/Sanitation Poly Sprayer - 1G - Model #2608E UPC #023883026080
Poly Janitorial/Sanitation Sprayer - 3G - Model #2610E UPC #023883026103
Poly Sprayer - 2G - Model #2609E UPC #023883026097


Tank pressurizes but does not spray.

WARNING: First release pressure in tank before troubleshooting.

1. Pull handle straight up until it pops off.

2. Under side of lever has 4 notches which is a tool for removing plunger.

3. Insert notches into grooves and turn counterclockwise to unscrew plunger.

4. Remove plunger.

5. Remove rubber diaphragm and clear debris from shut-off valve body.

6. Replace diaphragm. For best results, flip diaphragm from the original position.

7. Replace plunger. Tighten until flush to top of shut-off body. Do not over-tighten or unit may not spray.

8. To replace handle slide forks under plunger, push handle down until it snaps into place.

Remove complete nozzle assembly, then disassemble, and clean openings of any obstructions.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Chapin replacement part
    By Karin in Sturgeon Bay, WI on 07/24/2017

    I have a very old Chapin back pack sprayer that needed a new shut-off assembly. I couldn't find one in the stores. New back packs are expensive and they no longer make the Chapin I have. So I went online and found the exact part that needed replacing! And shipping was fast! Good company.

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