Chapin SureSpray Deluxe Backpack Poly Sprayer 4 Gal. (61700)


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Chapin SureSpray Deluxe Backpack Poly Sprayer 4 Gal. (61700) sprayer (4 gal)
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Chapin SureSpray Deluxe Backpack Poly Sprayer 4 Gal. (61700)

Chapin SureSpray Deluxe 4 Gallon Backpack Poly Sprayer (61700) is a backpack sprayer that can be used for general applications. It features 3 stage filtration system to prevent clogging, using a strainer basket, filter in piston cylinder and filter in shut-off for precise and fast spraying application, resulting in finishing the job quickly. It has a translucent tank for viewing of the fluid level, a poly shut-off and 2 nozzles for variour applications. It can be used with fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. This SureSpray Deluxe sprayer can be used in any home, garden, turf and landscape area. The 4” wide opening and filter basket makes it easy for user to clean and refill the unit whenever needed. The sprayer also includes fan, cone and adjustable brass nozzle pack and shoulder straps for comfort even with long usage.

It has a Spray/Flow Rate (GPM) of .4 to .5 GPM with a piston pump. It produces a Maximum Vertical Spray Stream of 23 feet and a Maximum Horizontal Spray Stream of 25 feet.

If you need any other accessories for the Chapin SureSpray Deluxe Backpack Poly Sprayer, we have it here for you.

The Chapin SureSpray Deluxe Backpack Poly Sprayer 4 gal. (61700) also features the following:

Piston Pump

  • Piston pumps are the most popular of backpack pump designs

Standard Backpack Shut-Off

  • Molded grip, nitrile seals

Nitrile Seals

  • Equipped with Nitrile Seals in necessary key areas provide compatibility with common fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

Wand Clips Onto Base Rail

  • Clips to store extension wand when not in use

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11/15/2014 Aaron from Scottsboro. Al

QDoes the Chapin SureSpray 61700 have option for left and right hand use? Can it be used for roundup?

AWe are unsure if the bar for the handle on the Chapin 61700 can be swapped around to benefit both left and right handed users. You would likely need to contact Chapin directly to find this out. You can reach them at 800-950-4458. Also, this sprayer can be used to apply RoundUp and any other herbicide. 

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