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Chipco Triton FLO

Chipco Triton FLO is a flexible fungicide featuring StressGard formulation technology. Chipco Triton FLO is a water-based suspension concentrate formula, offering broad-spectrum control of key diseases like anthracnose, dollar spot and brown patch. Chipco Triton FLO provides systemic control from the root of the plant to the tip and residual control just after application. 

With advanced StressGard technology, Chipco Triton FLO guarantees the most superior quality turf available. Fungicides formulated with StressGard technology protect against environmental stress, prevent the onset of disease and improve plant health, leading to a more beautiful turf. StressGard enhances photosynthesis and respiration so the plant can flourish under otherwise stressful conditions. StressGard FT produces denser turf above ground and better root systems below. Controlling disease is easier when the plant itself is less stressed.

Designed to work almost anywhere, greens, tees, roughs, or fairways Chipco Triton FLO will handle most disease situations even when other fungicides will not.

An economical solution for turfgrass management

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