Cleary 3336 Plus Fungicide


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Cleary 3336 Plus Fungicide jug (2.5 gal)
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Cleary 3336 Plus Fungicide

Cleary 3336 Plus is a fungicide for commercial use to prevent and control diseases on turf. With this product, you can add up to an extra week between applications. Lasts longer on diseases on golf courses by the revolutionary ClearyTec Activation Technology due to the active ingredient,Thiophanate-methyl. Not for homeowner use. Can be mixed with other fungicides.

3336 PLUS is a broad spectrum fungicide exhibiting preventative, curative and systemic properties. It is useful on a wide variety of turf and ornamental disease problems. Apply 3336 PLUS with ground or overhead equipment, using sufficient volume of spray to provide thorough coverage. Do not apply with fixed wing or rotary aircraft. Use the higher rates under conditions of severe disease pressure. Also, see local State Extension Service recommendations for application schedules. 3336 Plus is Not for Homeowner use, and can only be used by individuals/firms licensed under the direction of or registered by the state to apply ornamental or turf pest control products.

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02/28/2014 Terry from Weston Mo.

QI have read that Cleary 3336 Plus Fungicide can be effective for anthrachnose in maple trees?
I have 50 maple trees that have been seriously effected by anthracnose probably from sycamore trees. Can you tell me the effectiveness of this product for my problem?

APlease contact your local Cooperative Extension Office to learn more about the Anthracnose on your Sycamore trees. These offices specialize in the local flora and the diseases and pests associated with it and can be absoluetly invaluable to homeowners.

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