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Clearys Protect DF bag (6 lbs)

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Clearys Protect DF

Clearys Protect DF is a dry flowable fungicide and is a coordination product of zinc ion and manganese ethylenebisdithiocarbamate which can be used on turf and ornamentals. Use Clearys Protect DF as a spray to provide both preventative and curative action for many plant diseases. When Clearys Protect DF is used as part of a regular protective spray program it can help to prevent disease before it occurs thereby reducing the overall usage of fungicide needed if disease were to strike.


Protect DF Turf and Ornamental Fungicide is a dry flowable containing a coordination product of zinc ion and manganese ethylenebisdithiocarbamate, and is recommended for use as a spray for the control of many important plant diseases. When used according to directions, it provides very high fungicidal activity and can be safely used on both turf grasses and certain ornamentals. Protect DF provides control of most common turfgrass diseases and it is also effective in controlling major fungus diseases of certain ornamentals. Diseases of turf grasses and ornamentals can attack suddenly and unexpectedly causing severe damage and may even result in total loss of large areas of valuable turf grass and ornamental plants. The use of a regular protective spray program will minimize the risk of disease damage and can generally be accomplished with lower rates and less frequent fungicide applications. Once diseases have become established, higher rates of fungicide and more frequent applications are required to bring them under control. Follow a regular protective program for maximum product performance.

Tank mixable with most commonly used pesticides.

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07/04/2013 David from Houston, Texas

QDo you sell Protect DF in smaller than 6lb size?
I am just a hobby bonsai grower, seeking an excellent fungicide to protect my various bonsai trees. Your product is highly recommended, but having to purchase a 6lb bag makes it very expensive for me. What is the shelf life of Protect DF? Await your reply. Thanks in advance.

AWe only sell Clearys Protect DF in a 6lb size. The Shelf life of this product is 2-3 years if kept out of extreme heat. Thank you for your inquiry.

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