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Baiting is Key!

Next to sanitation, the most important component in cockroach elimination is baiting. By using gel bait placements in areas of highest travel, most cockroach infestations can be reduced by up to 90% or eliminated completely within weeks.

How Baits Work To Eliminate Roaches

The idea behind baiting is that each roach that feeds on the poisoned bait can contaminate up to 40 other roaches by way of contact, feces, or the other roaches feeding on its poisoned carcass. This domino effect knocks out roach populations at an incredible rate. Top of the line superior bait formulations for Roach control include Maxforce Gel, Maxforce FC, and Advion Gel. All are effective, but it could be that a given Roach population prefers one formula over another, so you may want to try several baits in succession with a couple of weeks in between to measure success.

"Hot Spots" For Roach Bait Placement

  • Behind kitchen cabinets and counter tops.
  • Behind wall hangings such as pictures, clocks, or posters
  • Behind, next to, and under the stove.
  • In the corners up under the sink and other cabinets.
  • In stored paper bags and boxes.
  • Around pipes, cords, and cables that come out of the wall.
  • Behind and under bathroom fixtures.
  • Behind the medicine cabinet and vanity.
  • In any cracks or crevices around shelves or wood

Not For Use with Residual Sprays!

Residual spray insecticides should not be used in the same areas where bait placement exists, as the spray insecticides will repel roaches from baited areas, making it impossible for the bait to take effect and do its job. As a rule, keep residual sprays down low (near the ground) and bait placements up high, so they do not interfere with each other. 

When to Reapply

Bait should be reapplied every 4 weeks or when placements appear to be used up, for heavy infestations.

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