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Crystal Plex Algae Control

Crystal Plex Algae Control is a liquid copper sulfate solution designed to kill and control algae and some aquatic plants including Hydrilla. Crystal Plex Algae Control controls many types of algae like filamentous, chara, and placktonic for a beautiful and safe pond all year long. Crystal Plex Algae Control uses our proprietary stabilizers for long term algae control. Crystal Plex Algae Control is 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, consumption, and irrigation. Not for use in Koi or Trout ponds.

How do I apply Crystal Plex pond algaecide?

The best way to apply liquid copper sulfate is to do a broadcast spray.  Spray the algae mats with Crystal Plex in sections.  You will only treat 1/3 to 1/2 of your pond at a time to prevent oxygen depletion.  See labeled instructions for application amounts and click here for how tomeasure. The algae will brown up within 48 hours. Copper Sulfate is toxic to Koi, goldfish and trout.

Will Crystal Plex hurt fish or animals?

Crystal Plex liquid copper sulfate and Copper Sulfate granular is safe for livestock, recreation, potable water and not harmful to most fish when used according to label directions. Oxygen depletion is the common cause for a fish kill. There are a few exceptions, Copper sulfate is not meant for small deco ponds and is toxic to Koi, Golfish and Trout.

When do I use Crystal Plex?

Crystal Plex Algae killer, should be applied when you first notice an algae bloom. Typically algae will turn water green, have a slimy film, or thick "horse hair" like mats on the pond. Spot treat with Crystal Plex, liquid copper sulfate as needed waiting 5 to 7 days between treatments. Water tempurature must be 50 degrees or above in order to work effectively.

How often do I need to use Crystal Plex?

Crystal Plex, liquid copper sulfate algae killer, can last in water column for up to 30 days; however, solution can weaken due to rainflow, outflow and evaporation. You may need to add more if you have another algae bloom. Wait a week between applications and only treat a 1/2 or 1/3 of the pond at a time to recover oxygen levels.

How much Crystal Plex should I use?

Properly measure your pond to find the square acreage and average depth. One gallon of Crystal Plex, liquid copper sulfate solution will treat a surface acre 1 to 2 feet deep. Example: 1/2 acre pond 4 feet average depth, mix 1 gallon with 8 to 10 gallons of water. (Water is to help spread the product, not to dilute.) See labeled instructions for all application rates.

Will Crystal Plex still work if it freezes?

Yes, Crystal Plex is still effective in killing algae at the same application rate after it has been frozen.  Freezing affects the residual control for Crystal Plex. Crystal Plex normally has a residual control of over a month.  Frozen Crystal Plex will only have a residual effect in controlling algae for 3-5 days.  When using frozen Crystal Plex be sure to shake well before diluting and spraying algae for control. I recommend using warm water to dilute the frozen Crystal Plex before spraying.

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    1 of 5 stars  Crystal Plex Algae control
    By Ben in Centralia Mo. on 05/07/2016

    This product didn't work well at all. takes a lot of it to do very little. do not recommend this for algae control.

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07/27/2012 Patricia from Jacksonville Fl

QCrystal Plex Algae Control in a pond with 1 gal sprayer. How much product should I dilute in one gal of water?

AFor one acre, mix 1 gallon of Crystal Plex with 10 gallons of water (12.8 fl oz per gallon of water) and spray directly on the algae mats.

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06/23/2013 Patti from Mt. Pleasant, Tx

QWill the Crystal Plex Algae kill yard grass watered from a treated pool?

AThe Crystal Plex Algae Control is only designed to control algae in water areas so it should not harm the yard grass. The label states: Do not apply this product in its concentrated form to any crop plants, grass or ornamentals as turf injury could occur. After diluted and sprayed over a pool, and then that pool water used for watering turf injury should not occur. If you are still concerned, you can contact the manufacturer Sanco at 1-888-697-2626.

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06/07/2014 Robin

QMy fruit trees have brown rot and I see copper recommended to control it. Can Crystal Plex be used them?

ANo the Crystal Plex Algae Control is not labeled to be used for brown rot or on edibles only in bodies of water for algae.  A better copper product would be the Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide Concentrate.

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10/07/2015 Rosie

QCan I use Crystal Plex Algae Control to treat a pool?


According to the manufacturer, Crystal Plex Algae Control is not meant to be used in pools. If you were to do so, the chemical reaction between the two will cause the water in the pool to turn to an ugly red color.

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09/01/2017 Donnell

QHow long to see results with Crystal Plex Algae Control?


Algae will brown up within 48 hours after treatment of†Crystal Plex Algae Control.

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