C&S Products Meal Worm Delight No - Melt Suet Dough (583)


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C&S Products Meal Worm Delight No - Melt Suet Dough (583) suet cake

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C&S Products Meal Worm Delight No - Melt Suet Dough (583)

C&S Products Meal Worm Delight (583) is an 11.75 oz premium no-melt suet with a soft dough texture that's loaded with the best ingredients and added dehydrated meal worms that birds love. It's ingredients consists of rendered beef suet, roasted peanuts, dehydrated meal worms, corn, oats, and soy oil. This suet cake will surely attract a great variety of wild birds. Grab one now and offer your feathered friends a delicious meal.

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05/15/2014 Randy

QIs the price of $18 for 1 Suet Cake or is that the price of a 10 pack?
These Suet Cakes sell locally for $1.44 each.

AThe price you see of $18 is the price for just 1 Suet Cake. Most of our customers can find the product locally for much cheaper along the price you mentioned. However, at the request of some of our more rural customers who do not have access to the product locally, we have added the item to our site. The individual cakes are drop shipped directly to our customers from the manufacturer and due to the high fee the manufacturer charges us for doing this service of sending an individual cake via UPS, we had to adjust the price accordingly. Some of the cakes we can offer in case price which is a much better buy for the quantity.

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