CSI Mosquito Mist Ultra


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CSI Mosquito Mist Ultra

The CSI Mosquito Mist Ultra features a flexible and effective formulation that is applied diluted with oil or water. It can also be applied undiluted to effectively control and kill mosquitoes. It is an effective insecticide that eliminates a wide range of indoor and outdoor insects. The product is best used against mosquitoes, biting midges, biting flies and is mainly used in animal quarters, agricultural areas, roadsides, industrial, recreational and residential areas, golf courses, roadsides, parks, and swamps. For best results, mosquitoes or insects should be treated when they are most active and the weather is conducive to keep the fog near the ground. Mosquito Mist Ultra is best applied with mist blowers, backpack or handheld sprayers. These sprayers may also be used for surface or barrier applications. Product comes in a 1 gallon jug.

How To Apply And Where To Use:

Designed for application as an Ultra-Low Volume or thermal aerosol to control adult mosquitoes and flies of nuisance, public health or disease vector importance in areas such as but not limited to: residential areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, urban areas, parks, campgrounds, woodlands, athletic fields, golf courses, playgrounds, recreational areas, overgrown waste areas, roadsides, corrals, feedlots, animal confinements/houses, swine lots and zoos and other areas, where adult mosquitoes and flies may be found.

Recommended Use for Application:

  • ULV cold aerosol generators
  • Mist-Blowers
  • Backpack Sprayers
  • Handheld Sprayers

Mosquito Mist Ultra can be applied over specific growing crops and range grasses prior to harvest for the control of adult mosquitoes and biting flies within or adjacent to these areas. Application can only be made where the following crops are present:

Almonds, Cauliflower, Range Grasses, Pears, Apples, Cherries, Leafy Vegetables (except Brassica), Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Corn (fodder), Lettuce (head), Soybeans, Brussels sprouts, Corn (forage), Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Corn grain, Onions (dry bulb), Vegetables (cucurbit), Celery, Eggplant, Peaches, Walnuts.

Note: Always check Product Label, Specimen Product Label, MSDS and other Information Sheet for complete list of insects controlled, application rates and direction for use applications.

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09/16/2016 Laraine from East Palatka, Fl

QHow long does an application of CSI Mosquito Mist Ultra last?


CSI Mosquito Mist Ultra does not provide any residual control to continue to kill insects. It can make an area repellent for 24 hours or so.

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