Cyhalocap CS - Lamda Cyhalothrin


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Cyhalocap CS - Lamda Cyhalothrin pint (16 oz)
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Cyhalocap CS - Lamda Cyhalothrin

Cyhalocap CS is an insecticide concentrate with 9.7% Lamda-Cyhalothrin (just like Demand CS) and features SmartCap microencapsulation technology.  SmartCap simply means that each droplet of insecticide is contained in a micro-capsule, allowing the product to last longer on surfaces and be more easily picked up by insects, giving Cyhalocap CS a longer residual and making it much more potent and effective on target pests.


This product is a flowable microencapsulated concentrate containing 0.5 lb of lambda-cyhalothrin per gallon. This product may be used on any surface which will not be damaged or stained by water. Heavy applications may leave a visible deposit. On some surfaces this deposit can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge.

In situations where conventional application methods have not or are not likely to provide adequate coverage, Micro-Injector, foam generating equipment or similar machines can be used to provide a continuous coverage. Use drier foam inside wall voids to avoid any water damage or electrical short circuits. Refer to section entitled “Foam Application Use Directions”.


  • Do not make outdoor applications during rain.
  • Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.
  • Do not water the treated area to the point of run-off.
  • Do not apply directly to impervious horizontal surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways and patios except as a spot or Crack & Crevice treatment. During application, do not allow pesticide to enter or runoff into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or surface waters.
  • All outdoor applications, if permitted elsewhere on this label, must be limited to spot or Crack & Crevice treatments only, except for the following permitted uses, if allowed elsewhere on this label:
  1. Applications to soil or vegetation, as listed on this label, around structures;
  2. Applications to lawns, turf and other vegetation, as listed on this label;
  3. Applications to the side of a building, up to a maximum height of 3 ft above grade;
  4. Applications to underside of eaves, soffits, doors or windows permanently protected from rainfall by a covering, overhang, awning or other structure;
  5. Applications around potential pest entry points into buildings, when limited to a surface band not to exceed 1” in width;
  6.  Applications made through the use of a coarse, low pressure spray to only those portions of surfaces that are directly above bare soil, lawn, turf, mulch or other vegetation, as listed on this label, and not over an impervious surface, drainage or other condition that could result in runoff into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutter or surface waters, in order to control occasional invaders or aggregating pests.

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    3 of 5 stars  product works
    By Nj in nj on 05/10/2013

    i've used this as a pest technician. product works alright for stinkbugs/box elder bugs. wear protective clothing/goggles/face shield when applying.

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07/10/2012 Ron from Plymouth

QDoes Cyhalocap CS - Lamda Cyhalothrin kill all tips of bees?
dose it kills bees and ants to

A Cyhalocap CS - Lamda Cyhalothrin will kill bees if they come into contact with it, but bees are seen as beneficial insects and should not be targeted if at all possible.

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03/09/2012 Scott from Chandler, Az

QWhat is the difference between Equil Lamda 9.7 CS (or demand) and Cyhalocap CS?
It looks to be mainly how they encapsulate the product? or just equil is generic and demand/cyhalocap are name brands. It looks like Cyhalocap is new product, so no reviews.

AYou have it right. CyhaloCap and Demand CS are both name brand products from big name manufacturers and Equil Lamda is the generic version from a smaller manufacturer. They all are microencapsulated and they all have the same active ingredient at the same concentration.

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04/23/2016 Dave from Murfreesboro, Tn

QIs the residual efficacy of Cyhalocap CS comparable to Cy-Kick CS for exterior applications?


Both the†Cyhalocap CS - Lamda Cyhalothrin†and Cy-Kick CS can last up to 60-90 days on outside surfaces. †It all depends on the amount of sunlight, rain and other weather that the treated surfaces receive.

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