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Cynoff WP has been discontinued and is no longer being made by Control Solutions. Please consider Demon WP  or Cyper WSP as an alternative.
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Cynoff WP

Cynoff WP insecticide is a loose white powder that is mixed with water. It can be applied as a crack and crevice and/or spot treatment for residual and contact control of ants, bees, biting flies, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, firebrats, fleas, flies, millipedes, mosquitoes, pillbugs, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders, ticks, and wasps. Cynoff WP has a residual of up to 3 months.

How Cynoff WP Works

Cynoff WP is a residual insecticide concentrate with the active ingredient Cypermethrin. Cypermethrin is in the synthetic pyrethroid class of insecticides. It is a man-made active ingredient that attacks the central nervous system of insects that come in contact with or ingest it. Cynoff WP is diluted with water and applied with a gallon pump sprayer. After it dries, Cynoff WP continues to work for up to 3 months.

Cynoff WP Target Pests

A variety of crawling and flying pests including (but not limited to) ants, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, spiders, and wasps

PESTS CONTROLLED WITH Cynoff WP: ants, bees, biting flies, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, firebrats, fleas, flies, millipedes, mosquitoes, pillbugs, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders, ticks, wasps

Target Uses of Cynoff WP

Cynoff WP (similar to Cyper WP) insecticide is a loose white powder that is mixed with water. It can be applied as a crack and crevice and/or spot treatment for residual and contact control of target pests. Cynoff WP has a residual of up to 3 months. 1x 1lb. container of Cynoff WP yields up to 48 gallons of finished product. NOTE: Cynoff WP is the exact same product as Demon WP, but less expensive.

Cynoff WP (Wettable Powder) is excellent for larger, tougher pests such as cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, or stink bugs because there is a high concentration of active ingredient. The wettable powder formulation also makes Cynoff WP ideal for porous surfaces such as concrete since the individual particles of active ingredient are larger and can more easily stay on top of the surface.

Cynoff WP leaves a white powdery film that may be visible on darker surfaces. For applications where this is a concern, consider using a liquid concentrate instead.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Cypermethrin 40%

Cynoff WP Application Instructions

Best applied with a 1 gallon sprayer. Apply to outside foundation and all entry points such as around windows, doors, cracks and crevices, etc. Cynoff WP is very toxic to fish. Do not apply near bodies of water or where there may be water run-off. Always read the label completely before use.

Fill sprayer with one half of the desired volume of water, add Cynoff WP, and fill to desired volume. Close and shake before use in order to insure proper suspension of the wettable powder. Shake or re-agitate the sprayer before use if spraying is interrupted. Mix only the amount of solution needed for the application.

*Retreatment may be necessary to achieve and/or maintain control during periods of high pest pressure. Repeat application is necessary only if there are signs of renewed insect activity.

*Repeat application should be limited to no more than once per seven days.

Each 1 pound jar of Cynoff WP makes 24-48 gallons of finished solution.

Standard Application Dilution rates / Mixing Ratios for Cynoff WP

*1 scoop (0.33 oz.)/gal. of water – 0.1% – maintenance, more frequent applications, foliar applications

* 2 scoops (0.66 oz.)/gal. of water – 0.2% -- clean-out, severe infestations, exterior applications that receive more direct sunlight

*For Perimeter Barrier Applications around Structures – Mix 1-2 scoops of Cyper WP in 1-5 gallons of water to cover 800-1600 square feet. Higher volumes may be needed for dense vegetation or landscaping materials.

*1 scoop is the equivalent of 0.33 oz., 9.5 gm., or 2 level tablespoons

Cynoff WP is for use in the following areas:

Permitted areas of use include industrial buildings, houses, apartment buildings, laboratories, buses, greenhouses (noncommercial), and the nonfood/feed areas of stores, warehouses, vessels, railcars, trucks, trailers, aircraft (Do not use in aircraft cabins), schools, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and food manufacturing, processing, and servicing establishments. Non-food/feed areas are areas such as garbage rooms, lavatories, floor drains (to sewers) entries and vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, garages, mop closets, and storage (after canning or bottling).


Use 1-2 scoops per gallon of water and apply with a hand pump sprayer. Cynoff WP insecticide may be used as a general spot, crack and crevice treatment in non-food areas. All areas where insects hide or through which insects may enter should be treated.

Cockroaches, Crickets, Firebrats, Silverfish, Spiders, and Ticks: Apply as a coarse, low pressure spray to areas where these pests hide, such as baseboards, corners, storage areas, closets, around water pipes, doors and windows, attics and eaves, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, furnaces, and stoves, the underside of shelves, drawers and similar areas. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices; also see OUTDOOR USE.

Ants: Apply to any trails, around doors and windows, and other places where ants may be found. Refer to BARRIER TREATMENT directions to prevent infestation; also see OUTDOOR USE.

Bees and Wasps: Application to nests should be made late in the evening when insects are at rest. Thoroughly spray nest and entrance and surrounding areas where insects alight; also see OUTDOOR USE.

Boxelder Bugs, Centipedes, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Millipedes, Pillbugs, and Sowbugs: Apply around doors and windows and other places where these pests may be found or where they may enter premises. Spray baseboards, storage areas and other locations. Refer to BARRIER TREATMENT directions to prevent infestation; also see OUTDOOR USE.


Apply as a residual spray either by hand or power sprayer to surfaces of buildings, porches, screens, window frames, eaves, patios, residential lawns only such grass areas adjacent or around private homes, duplexes, townhouses, condominiums, house trailers, apartment complexes, carports, garages, fence lines, storage sheds, barns, and other residential and non-commercial structures, refuse dumps, garages and other areas where pests are found.

Barrier Treatments: To help prevent infestation of buildings, apply to a band of soil and vegetation 6 to 10 feet wide around and adjacent to the building. Also, treat the building foundation to a height of 2 to 3 feet where pests are active and may find entrance. Apply as a coarse spray to thoroughly and uniformly wet the band area, using 1 gallon of spray mix per 400 square feet.

Cynoff WP Features

*1 lb. jar comes with convenient scoop for quick and easy measuring.

*1 lb. jar is very economical with low dilution rates.

*Same active ingredient as Demon WP for less

*Pet safe after dry, when used as directed

*Wettable powder formulation is excellent for porous surfaces, such as concrete.

Extra Tips for Using Cynoff WP

*Some settling may occur after tank mixing Cynoff WP. Be sure to agitate the tank after resting, and only mix the amount of product you intend to use within 24 hours.

*Store concentrate out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures for maximum shelf life of 3+ years.

*Not labeled for use on edible plants

*Exposure to direct sunlight will break down residual more quickly, so applications may need to be made more frequently in these areas.

*Cynoff WP is not suitable as a space spray with equipment such as misters, foggers, or aerosol equipment. The product will clog or damage the equipment and is not labeled for this use.

Compare to: Demon WP, Cyper WP

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 23 of 24 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Kill is almost instant!
    By D.j. on 03/20/2007

    I've used Cynoff WP as a drench for fire ants after opening the mound with rebar. I pour about a gallon down in the hole. The kill is almost instant! I also use it as an exterior spray every 3 months and it keeps out nearly all bugs! Thanks for making it available to the homeowner. I've recommended this product and your site to many friends and neighbors!

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  • 16 of 16 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  The best stuff!
    By Chris on 02/19/2006

    I must agree , this is far better than calling a pest control company, and it works very well. Cynoff WP killed my roach problem and I have not seen any roaches in 5 months. I have seen plenty of dead ones that I can scoop up and throw away. If you have roaches or other bugs causing you problems this is THE BEST STUFF . It goes on wet and dries to a power that is hardly noticeable but the main thing is it is CHEAP and it will work, you will be happy. Don't call pest control until you try this will save you lots of money.

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  • 16 of 18 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Warning does leave white residue.
    By R on 01/03/2008

    Cynoff WP works great for roaches inside and out. Warning, since it is powder based it leaves a milky white residue where sprayed. I will use something different for inside next time (liquid based and clear drying).

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  • 12 of 14 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Worked great!
    By Toby on 10/03/2005

    Cluster flies and asian beetles. I used Cynoff last year and it worked just great. I used to have our house sprayed at a cost of over $225/year. Now I do the spraying myself and save a bundle.

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  • 11 of 11 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  This Stuff is Fantastic; Works Great!
    By Joyce in Northern Michigan, United States on 05/26/2010
    Verified Purchase

    I was skeptical at first when my husband ordered because I never heard of the product (and thought was a little pricey) but it really works. We used it to eliminate wasps that build nests under our porches and siding, and were surprised to see the results. Spiders and other bugs were falling out, along with the wasps. We will definitely use this product again.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews
  • 5 of 5 stars  El Mejot
    By Ricardo in Mexicali on 11/03/2016

    El Mejor producto que he aplicado desde 1985 sin olor y nunca he reaplicado por una garantia.

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  • 0 of 3 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Cynoff WP
    By in Brimley on 08/22/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Haven't used it yet, but a friend uses it and can't say enough about how well it works and that is why we ordered it. We are going to try it this fall.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 5 of 5 stars  KILL FIRE ANTS
    By in Sparks, NV on 07/03/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Wow! This stuff killed on contact. Just love it. Thanks

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Awesome
    By in Antelope Valley, CA on 06/28/2013

    First, I have to thank everyone out there for your reviews. The sharing of your positive results influenced my purchase decision. We have been plagued with the outdoor Oriental critters late Spring and Summer for about 5 years(HATE THEM). Seems they love our pool. Although our home has been regularly serviced by a well known exterminator company for the last 25 years, these bugs persisted. I was so afraid they would start coming indoors. So I started doing some research. Decided to try the Cynoff WP, although I was skeptical , I was at my wits end and had to do something. This stuff worked!! I couldn't believe it. Sprayed over a week ago, and instead of having to smack away the critters with a broom, I now use the broom to sweep up their ugly little dead bodies. Thanks to all and their honest reviews. I now can sit outside and enjoy the evenings.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  sugar ants in lawn
    By in Chandler, AZ on 06/19/2013

    Several mounds of small ants with vicious bites have gone to ant heaven.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  best stuff ever
    By Jay in ca on 05/20/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Just used this product on a hive. Probably the best product I have bought over the internet. Within a day the entire thing was dead. Plus it used so little out if the container it seems like I have enough to last a lifetime. This stuff works.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Earwig Control with Cynoff WP
    By Teresa in Christiana, TN on 05/19/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Earwigs was my worst nightmare but I soon investigated how to get rid of the nasty pest. I saw the website: and found the chemical Cynoff WP. I have made those creatures dry up and Die, lol. Thank you DoMyOwnPestControl for helping me. This also takes care of other pest in or around your home. A GREAT BUY!!! You will be pleased!

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  • 2 of 2 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  CYNOFF
    By Vernon in AXIS ALABAMA on 04/11/2013
    Verified Purchase

    I believe this is some of the best bug and spider and ant killer that I have ever got . My daughter told me about it and I tell every one that I know about it

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 3 of 14 people found this review helpful:

    1 of 5 stars  Cynoff WP (Cypermethrin)
    By George in Jersey City NJ on 02/18/2013
    Verified Purchase

    I was using RAID (Ant & Roach) aerosol spray, which is 0.1% imiprothrin, and Cypermethrin 0.1% with the balance 99.8 inert ingredients. I was very impressed with the effectiveness of this product, it kills instantly on contact. But is expensive. When I red that Cynoff was 40% cypermethrin, and comparing the price vs the gallons of product that the manufacturer sujests you can make, it seemed like a good idea. Altough I have a Masters degree in Analytical Chemistry and 35 years experience (retired), never for a moment doubted the product claims. I bought it and the Premium Pro Sprayer and disolved one scoop in 1-1/4 gal (full) water shook it, presurised it and went to work. Results, Absolutely, positively nothing. the roaches walked by bathe in it laughed at it and walked away. I suspected the reason, so I went and checked some MSDS's and there it was The solid Cypermethring is insoluble in water. (solubility is 99 mg/Lt) this is 99 thousands of 1 gr per Lt. So essentially you are spraying the roaches with water. No wonder it does not work. Cypermethring only disolves in organic solvents such as for example petroleum distillate. Absolutely flaberrgasted with the ignorance of the people who formulate the product. I intend to get a refund.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 5 of 5 stars  cynoff wp
    By Lori in poplarbluff,mo on 01/27/2013

    I have been usind this great stuff for about a year i have sprayed 3 homes that had roaches left from past renters this is a fantastic product i decided to do my own pest control when a local bug company charged me 500.00 dollars to treat one place of yours no more does leave a white powder residue only down fall but kills roaches love it

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Most Helpful Q&A's

05/02/2010 Mark

QIs Cynoff WP safe to use with babies and kids?

AYes. Unless other wise noted,  the pesticides on our website are safe to use in a home with children. As with any product, it is important to follow the label instructions and precautions to ensure safety. Cynoff WP should be used as a crack and crevice treatment indoors.

3 of 4 people found this answer helpful.
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04/02/2011 Wayne

QMy house eaves were sprayed with Cynoff and some spray might have drifted down on some small tomato plants.
I washed them off. Would there be any residue when they finally bear fruit 3 months from now?

ASince Cynoff WP only lasts about 30 days outside, you should be fine if your fruit is 3 months away from being harvested.  Also since you washed them off initially you should be fine.

3 of 3 people found this answer helpful.
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09/01/2010 Bill

QIs there a product that does not leave a white residue? I have a dark house inside and out.

AA comparable product to the Cynoff WP that will not leave a white powdery residue is Cy-Kick CS. Just like a wettable powder, Cy-Kick CS creates a thick barrier of microcapsules that is impossible for insects to cross without being exposed to a lethal dose of insecticide. Exposed insects pick up microcapsules on their hairs and body triggering a rapid release of the active ingredient, resulting in death.

2 of 2 people found this answer helpful.
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06/24/2013 Lyn from Lansing, Mi

QWill Cynoff WP Get Rid Of Bees, Wasps, and Hornets on Wood sided barn?
My barn is 100 long by 60 feet wide with 14 foot walls. The siding is all wood and most of it is exposed at this time as the stain has worn off. This has provided excellent staging for bees, hornets and wasps. I intend to stain the entire barn, but I'd like to get rid of the stinging bugs first. Can I spray Cynoff WP on the entire exterior walls of the barn to effectively reduce the massive numbers of wasps, hornets and bees? If not this, what should I do?

AYes, Cynoff would be a great option for you. Bees and Wasps: Application to nests should be made late in the evening when insects are at rest. Please be aware that this product has the potential to leave a slight residue over dark areas.

2 of 3 people found this answer helpful.
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04/03/2010 Steve

QHow many teaspoons or ounces of Cynoff WP should I put into the 16 ounce bottle?
I will be using my Gilmour, 16 ounce capacity bottle, garden hose attached hand held sprayer. How many teaspoons or ounces of Cynoff WP should I put into the 16 ounce bottle?

AI believe the Gilmour hose end sprayers have a dial that measure teaspoons of product per gallon of water.  One scoop form the Cynoff WP scooper that come with the container is equivalent to 2 teaspoons.  For most insect control with Cynoff WP, you should mix 2 teaspoons to each gallon of water.  Also, the cynoff WP label says to use one gallon of mixed solution over 400 square feet . Let's say you wanted to spray Cynoff WP over a 1200 square foot area.  This would require 3 gallons of solution, each gallon covering 400 square feet.  Each gallon would require 2 teaspoons of Cynoff WP to mix with the water.  So you should fill your Gilmour hose end sprayer with 3 spoonfuls from the scooper in the Cynoff WP, but set the hose end sprayer on the 2 teaspoon setting per gallon of water, which is probably just turning the dial to the number 2.  You should apply 3 gallons of water through the hose end sprayer, mixing 2 teaspoons at a time over 1200 square feet .  Hope this makes sense.  Hose end sprayers are confusing but can cover a much larger area than hand pump sprayers.  Please feel free to call us if you need any further clarification at 866-581-7378.

2 of 2 people found this answer helpful.
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Most Recent Customer Questions

11/23/2014 Anna

QHow much Cynoff should I use in a mix of water and honey if I need to bait carpenter ants?
I have carpenter ants in my ceiling and need to leave out bait for the worker ants to bring back to the colonies for the queen. I need the mixture to be effective but slow acting. What ratio should I use?

ACynoff WP has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We would not recommend using products off label. For carpenter ants, you will mix 1 fl. oz. per gallon of water. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly for any questions regarding how to make Cynoff WP into any kind of bait.

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07/16/2014 Thomas from Costa Rica

QIs Cynoff WP safe to use on rose bushes without damaging the plant?
My rose bushes are being eaten by leaf cutter ants. Can I safely use Cynoff on them and if so, how often should I apply?

ACynoff WP will kill leaf cutter ants that are directly contacted with the spray but will have no result on the ants that stay in the nest. Leaf cutter ants can be a difficult pest to get rid of. The colonies are large and the ants make their own food so poison baits only have limited effects on this species of ants. According to several university websites MaxForce Ant Bait Granules containing hydramethlynon are some what effective, though they will usually eliminate only about 30% of a large colony in one treatment and will need to be reapplied several times.  DeltaGard granules is one of the only products actually labeled for leaf cutter ants. The product label recommends treating the mound directly and lightly watering the granules in. Again it may take several treatments to get the desired results. We also recommend contacting your local cooperative extension office to see if they have any recommendations for products that have worked for other people in your region.

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06/16/2014 Ken from Hopkinton, Ma

QCynoff WP for sand hornets/wasps?
Will this product work effectively to treat sand wasps/hornets emerging from a lawn (above a sandy septic leach field)? Is there a more effective product your could recommend?


Cynoff WP has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

A product that is labeled to be used in your lawn for hornets and wasps is Bifen I/T. It can be broadcast across the lawn as well as used inside around the cracks and crevices as well.

0 of 1 people found this answer helpful.
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09/09/2013 Debbie from Brighton, Tn

QWill Cynoff WP kill big red wasps?

ACynoff WP is labeled to treat wasps. You will mix 2 scoops per gallon of water per 1,000 sq ft monthly outdoors according to the product label. For additional treatment for wasps, please click on the article link below.

Wasp Control

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08/07/2013 Bonnie from Hamilton, Oh

QBeetles are killing our pine trees. Would Cynoff WP be effective if sprayed on the trees?
Even our felled trees, which my husband is turning into flag poles, have something boring outward. We have read that cypermethrin is best for these beetles. Is that the active ingredient in this product?

ACypermethrin is the active ingredient in Cynoff WP.  Unfortunately there is no easy solution when it comes to pine beetles. Infected trees should be cut down (before the newly hatched beetles fly out of the trees in the spring/summer) and the wood burned or chipped, while other still healthy trees should be sprayed annually to protect them. Because of the natural boring behavior of the beetle they are protected from topically applied insecticides and systemic insecticides (those injected into the tree or applied as a root drench) have proven ineffective for pine beetle infestations. Healthy trees can be protected before the beetles attack by topically spraying them with a product called Dragnet. The tree should be sprayed from the ground to 15 ft up the trunk to prevent future infestations.

Was this answer helpful to you?  Yes No

07/26/2013 L from Grandy Nc

QI have lost there directions for Cynoff WP, can you please provide.

AWe do have all product labels for our products right on our website.  You can find the product label for Cyonff WP by clicking here.  Depending on what type of insect you are treating for you would use 1-2 scoops of Cynoff per gallon of water

Was this answer helpful to you?  Yes No

07/21/2013 Victoria from California

QAre there any brown recluse spiders here in Yub city

AThere are Brown Recluse spiders in many different regions. Cynoff Wp is a great and effective product against brown recluse and many other insects.

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06/23/2013 Randy from Queen Creek, Az

QCan I mix Cynoff WP with Nyguard IGR?


Yes, you can mix 1 level scoop of Cynoff with 3 to 8 ml of†Nyguard into one gallon of water.

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06/04/2013 Aldio from Monterrey

QWill Cynoff kill worms in my indoor compost bin?
I use red worms (eisenia foetida) in an indoor compost bin to convert food scraps to a natural fertilizer. Will Cynoff kill them if I use near the area where my composter is?

AThe red worms would actually have to come in contact with the Cynoff Wp for it to kill them.

Was this answer helpful to you?  Yes No

01/02/2013 Linda from Prairieville Louisiana

QCan cynoff wp be used on vegetable garden or fruit trees?

ACynoff WP cannot be used on any type of edible plants or trees. We do have a wide variety of insecticides that can be used in gardens and on fruit trees and you can see them here: Edible Garden Products

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Cynoff WP
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