Daconil Weather Stik Turf Fungicide


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Daconil Weather Stik Turf Fungicide

Daconil Weather Stik Fungicide will control diseases on professional turf and ornamental. Areas include golf course tees, fairways and greens, non residential turf grasses, ornamental turf grasses, sod farms, athletic fields and production ornamentals. It provides broad spectrum control with low resistance risk. It is classified as a Phthalimide, which stops the synthesis of amino compounds and enzymes. Daconil controls 14 turf diseases that include gray snow mold, dollar spot, brown patch, algae,gray leaf spot, leaf spot, anthracnose, rust fusarium patch, and red thread.

In ornamentals, Daconil controls more than 50 diseases, including scab and powdery mildew. Daconil Weather Stik Fungicide is sprayed on the leaf of the plant and the active ingredient, cholorothalonil stays on by the wax. After water is applied, a film forms on the leaf and then the active ingredient is mixed in with the water and redistributes over the leaf.  Disease spores are then unable to infect. This powerful fungicide makes it the ideal product for managing turf diseases.


MIXING: Shake to ensure uniform mixture. Mix the required amount of product with water in the spray tank with the agitator. Agitate while spraying.

Daconil Weather Stik is compatible with various fungicides and liquid fertilizers. However, DO NOT mix with oil based emulsifiable or flowable pesticides. Oils should not be sprayed on turf treated with this product for at least 10 days after the last spray. Some surfactants may cause plant injury - read complete surfactant directions before mixing. Products that are compatible include: Headway MAXX Turf Fungicide, Banner MAXX Turf Fungicide, Heritage MAXX Turf Fungicide and Primo MAXX Turf Growth Regulator.

Avoid overlapping sprays.

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11/23/2015 Pat from Sulphur Springs, Tx

QHow would you apply Daconil Weather Stik Turf Fungicide to Red Tip Photinia that is used as a hedge?


The mixing ratio of Daconil Weather Stik Fungicide is 1 1/2 oz. per 1000 square feet. This will generally be mixed in a gallon of water. It is important to remember that the correct amount of product should be used versus the amount of water.

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01/27/2017 John from Rockville, Md

QShould I use Daconil Weather Stik or Daconil Zn to control Pestalotiopsis on Japanese Black Pine and Rhizosphaera on Colorado Blue Spruce? And can either of these be mixed with Floramite?


Neither Daconil ZN nor†Daconil Weather Stik can be used on blue spruce but is safe for use on pine trees. Either can be mixed with Floramite. Be sure to do a small tank mix test first to ensure that there is no clumping between the two products.†

We would recommend using Clearys Spectro instead for blue spruce. This is safe for use on blue spruce trees and will kill and prevent diseases on various ornamentals.

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