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DETEX Soft Bait pail (8 lbs)
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DETEX Soft Bait

DETEX Soft Bait with Lumitrack is a non-toxic, highly palatable rodent bait featuring Lumitrack for monitoring. Lumitrack is the special ingredient that makes rodent droppings glow under black light (UV) so you can easily see where rats and mice have been (including pathways, harborage areas, and entry points). Easy to use simply thread the bait rod through the center of the packaging, through the extruded hole in the bait, and you are done. DETEX Soft Bait is made to be palatable for long periods of time and will hold up under most climates. DETEX Soft Bait will not mold, melt, or freeze!

Another advantage to using non-toxic baits such as DETEX Soft Bait is that rodents will become comfortable with feeding in the area where such baits are offered. When you notice activity simply switch to a toxic bait to control the rodent population.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Bait should be placed in bait stations or otherwise secured and out of reach of non-target animals. Place bait around the periphery of buildings, especially near likely locations of rodent entry, and in areas that provide rodent harbourage. Record locations for future reference.

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10/06/2014 Ray from Lodi Nj

QWill DETEX Soft Bait kill the rats
Will this bait kill the rats and mice


DETEX Soft Bait will kill both rats and mice.

Rats: Place 3-6 DETEX SOFT BAIT sachets every 4-9 m (15-30 ft)
Mice: Place 1-2 DETEX SOFT BAIT sachets every 2-4 m (8-12 ft)

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