DeTour Roadblocks for Rodents


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DeTour Roadblocks for Rodents pack of 5 roadblocks
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DeTour Roadblocks for Rodents

DeTour Roadblock for rodents is an easy to use box that contains DeTour rodent repellent, the first FIFRA 25b exempt bio-repellent for rodents.  The DeTour Roadblock boxes come pre-baited with DeTour rodent repellent, and will not harm rodents,  It will irritate the rodents so they vacate the area and do not return.  The box does not trap the rodents, but it allows them to pass through it ensuring they come into contact with the DeTour product.  The DeTour Roadblock boxes for rodents should be placed along edges, walls, etc. where rodents are traveling or any place where you would like to repel rodents from that area. Each pack contains 5 pre-baited roadblock boxes with DeTour.

How does it Work?

Detour Rodent Repellent carries white pepper as its active ingredient. Its mode of action against rodents is irritation of the white pepper-sensitive primary afferent fibers in the nerve-endings of the ureter.

Will DeTour Kill Rodents?

NO– DeTour will not harm the rodents. It simply irritates the nerve-endings and gives the rodent a negative experience that causes them to look for the exits. If used on the exterior around rodent entry point rodents will be discouraged from ever entering.

Application Cautions

Make sure DeTour is never placed in areas where humans may accidentally come in contact with the product. Although it will not harm them, the white pepper may cause a reddening of the skin or eye irritation.

Rodents subjected to DeTour are under stress and may become visible. It is recommended to apply Detour when the establishment is closed to let the rodents make contact with the gel and exit the area of application.

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02/11/2013 Wfj from Philadelphia, Pa

QDo I need the Bio-Repellent along with the Roadblocks?

AThe Detour Roadblocks actually contain the Bio-Repellent inside so you would not be required to also purchase the Bio-Repellent.

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02/15/2013 Janet from Riverview, Florida

QRodents have chewed through my pvc pipes under my mobile home. Is there anything I can put on the pipes?
I am replacing the pipes but do not want this to happen again. Is there a something I can wrap the pipes with to prevent them from chewing through?

AYou can try putting a repellent such as Roadblock for rodents in the areas where they are causing damage though over time the rodents will learn to ignore any repellents (repellents should only be used as part of your rodent control efforts) . You should also try to seal up the apron around the trailer so that the rodents cannot gain access. Putting out tamper resistant rat bait stations loaded with rodenticide will help reduce the rodent population in your area and should in the end help limit any damage these rodents may be causing.

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