DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait


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DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait pail (6 lbs.)
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DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait

DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait is a solution that can be used for burrow baiting beyond 100 feet of man-made structures using the anticoagulant Diphacinone as the active ingredient. DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait excels as a maintenance bait and relies on repeat feedings for the bait to be effective. Bell labs made DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait with enhancers and food-grade ingredients to create a highly palatable and fresh tasting bait. Rodents love to gnaw on the highly compressed pellet and will sometimes translocate the pellets. Bait shyness is not an issue with this product.

Vitamin K1 is the antidote for this product and is readily available.


This product may be applied to active rodent burrows to control Norway rats, and roof rats within or beyond 100 feet of buildings and man-made structures, provided that infestations of these rodents have been confirmed.  Bait must be placed no less than 6 inches into active Norway/roof rat burrows.  Do not broadcast bait. Because Norway/roof rat infestations may occur in areas farther than 100 feet from buildings and man-made structures when the rodents have ample supplies of food and cover, efforts should be made to remove food trash, garbage, clutter and debris.

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04/26/2013 Marie from Hornbeak

QIs DITRAC rodenticide pet safe?
My cat eats alot of mice but we have more than what she can control. Will this poison kill my cat if she eats any to alot of mice that have ingested this poison?

AThe risk of secondary poisoning with Ditrac rodenticide Pelleted Bait is very minimal. A mouse only consumes a very small amount of bait at a time and passes it very quickly only keeping a smaller amount in their liver until they succumb to the effects of the bait. A cat would have to actually eat 20-30 mice that have consumed the bait for it to have an effect. In most cases well fed domesticated animals will not actually eat a mouse or a rat that they come across. Instead they will play with it, chew it and then leave it behind.

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06/14/2017 Bill from La Grange

QWill DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait work for Ground Squirrels?


Unfortunately, DITRAC Rodenticide Pelleted Bait is only labeled for rodents like rats and mice. Therefore we cannot recommend that it be used for ground squirrels. We do offer Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait and the Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait Station, as well as their Ground Squirrel Trap.

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