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Do My Own Gardening Series

By DoMyOwn staff

First time growing your own vegetable garden? You are not alone. Watch as Paul uses the expert advice offered by his co-workers at DoMyOwn to grow tomatoes, peppers, and more on his own.

Paul shows you how to build your own DIY raised garden bed.
Learn how to put soil in a raised bed and the different types of soil that can go inside of a raised garden.
Paul goes over how to plan and plant a raised garden bed.
Learn what it takes to water a raised garden bed with a soaker hose system.
Paul talks about how and when to fertilize a raised garden bed.
From staking tomato plants to pinching off suckers, this video will cover General Gardening Tips.
Paul goes over how and why you should prune tomato plants.
Paul goes over the most common disease problems in tomato plants.
Paul talks about the four most common pests found in tomato plants.
Paul talks about an unforeseen problem, birds eating the tomatoes!
Paul goes over when and how to harvest tomatoes from the garden.
Paul discusses 10 things that you can do to help ripen tomatoes in your garden.