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Do My Own Lawn Care Series

By DoMyOwn staff

New to doing your own lawn care? So is Paul, but that's not going to stop him. Watch as Paul takes the expert advice offered by his co-workers at DoMyOwn and puts them to the test on his own lawn.

Paul introduces his lawn and discusses how to do your own lawn care.
Learn why and how to prune your own trees to promote a healthy lawn.
Knowing the square footage of your lawn will save you time and money when doing your own lawn care. In this video, Paul shows you how to calculate it.
Paul shows you the best lawn equipment to buy when doing your own lawn care.
Paul learns how to control weeds in his lawn with pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide applications.
Learn how to collect soil samples and get them tested to determine nutrients needed by your lawn.
Following his initial pre- and post-emergent herbicide application, Paul tackles those stubborn weeds in his lawn.
Paul explains the factors that contribute to moss growth and how he got a handle on the moss problem in his lawn.
Paul explores what thatch is and why should you worry about it getting of it.
Weather factors into any lawn rehab program. Paul goes over some tips and tricks to keep in mind throughout the process.
In this episode, Paul answers the question "How do you aerate your yard?"
Paul shows you how to choose and apply fertilizer for a healthy and green lawn.
Paul discusses overseeding your lawn - what, why, how, and when to overseed."
Paul talks about what Poa Annua is and how you go about getting rid of it.
Paul discusses watering your lawn - what, why, how, and when to water."
Paul goes over one of the most important factors in keeping your lawn looking good, mowing."
Paul talks about the best way to apply fungicides in your lawn."
Paul goes over the Lawn Care Guides."
Paul discusses how to get rid of crabgrass.
Paul goes over everything he has done in the yard so far."
Paul talks about the difference between organic and inorganic fertilizer.
Paul discusses the most common lawn pests found during the summer months.
Paul talks about how to identify weeds in and around the yard.
Paul talks about how you should properly use Herbicides.
Paul will try to fill in the spots where his monkey grass use to be with grass clippings.
Paul goes over a spreader tip to help maximize granule fertilizer in the yard.
Fall is around the corner, which means it's time for Pre-Emergents.
Paul talks about what you should do to prep an area for overseeding.
In this episode, Paul talks about why he is overseeding Tall Fescue and how to do it.
Paul discusses how and when to fertilizer Tall Fescue Grass.
Paul and Heath discuss Tiller Stages of grassy weeds.
Paul discusses some fall lawn care tips.
In this episode, Paul discusses tips and tricks you should know if you are overseeding cool season grass in your yard.
Paul talks about the differences between Non-Selective and Selective Herbicides.