Dr Earth Pot Of Gold All Purpose Organic Potting Soil


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Dr Earth Pot Of Gold All Purpose Organic Potting Soil bag (1.5 cu ft)
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Dr Earth Pot Of Gold All Purpose Organic Potting Soil

Dr Earth Pot Of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil is suggested for use in container applications and all indoor and outdoor potting. Perfect for a variety of garden projects such as soil amendment for the in ground planting of shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables and bare root planting, seed cover and mulching. Great soil for indoor garden projects as well. Perfect for indoor gardens, vegetables, herbs, flowers, container plants, houseplants, patio containers and hanging baskets.

The Recipe for Success: Plant – Provide – Protect

Step 1 – Plant and amend soil with Dr. Earth Pot of Gold Potting Soil.

Step 2 – Provide nutrition with Dr. Earth Organic 7 All Purpose Fertilizer, Dr. Earth Liquid Solution and Dr. Earth Seaweed Extract.

Step 3 – Protect from insects with Final Stop Pro-Active Yard & Garden Insect Killer Spray and eliminate diseases with Final Stop 3 Controls Disease Control Fungicide.

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03/10/2017 Karen from Kathleen Ga

QIs Dr Earth Pot of Gold Potting Soil the same as an old brand named Brown Earth?
45 years ago, as taught by my green thumbed mom, the Brown Earth brand produced the most beautiful plants I have ever grown...Spectacular! Never been able to have these results as when it was only available through the Feed and Seed companies...Sadly no longer in Georgia. I am most concerned and need quick help as my 40 year old HOYAS "WAX PLANTS"...Are dying ( my fault... a cold snap surprise froze most of my leaves and lengthy runners). I am totally heartbroken over the loss, and must put my remaining survivors immediately in intensive care...Can u suggest? All we added was vermiculite to this mix. Greatfully accept your recommendations..Thank you...Very Mucho


With so many potential brands on the market of potting soil mixes and name changes over the years we couldnt say if this is the same mixture as your mom used before. The Dr Earth brand of potting soils are great and if you want to know more info on the compositions of them you can give them a call at†707-448-4676. The closest thing we could find online to Brown Earth in Georgia tha you mentioned looks like it comes from Craven†Pottery which may be the original company your mom got the product from.†

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