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Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide

The Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide is specially formulated to be effective control of many leaf weeds as well as annual and perennial grasses. It features granules that can be easily mixed with water and then applied as a spray for specific control on harvest or non-harvest land. The Diuron 4L herbicide is not corrosive to equipment and is certified as non-flammable. Diuron 4L can be applied prior to the growth or the presence of weeds.

Diuron 4L, applied as a pre-emergence and post emergence of the crop and weeds, is an effective method because weeds are controlled in an early, weak seedling state before they compete with the harvest. With favorable moisture conditions, this product continues to control weeds for some time as the harvest becomes stronger and able to compete. If weeds begin to break through the pre-emergence treatment, other weed control methods should be done. These include cultivation and post emergence herbicide applications.


AERIAL APPLICATION: Aerial application is prohibited EXCEPT for Alfalfa, Barley (Winter), Cotton (pre-plant or pre-emergence only), Grass seed crops (grown in Pacific Northwest only), rights-of-way, Sugarcane and Wheat (Winter). Application may be made by aircraft at a minimum of 3 gallons of water per acre. Avoid overlapping of spray swath and avoid application under conditions where excessive drift may occur. Where land is bedded, make application parallel to rows.

GROUND APPLICATION: Use a boom power sprayer properly calibrated to a constant speed and rate of delivery. Openings in screen should be 50-mesh or larger. Continuous agitation in the spray tank is required to keep the material in suspension. Agitate by mechanical or hydraulic means. If bypass or return line is used, it should terminate at the bottom of tank to minimize foaming. Avoid overlapping and shut off spray booms while starting, turning, slowing or stopping or injury to crop may result.

PRE-EMERGENCE: Use sufficient spray volume and pressure to uniformly distribute the spray solution over treated soil. Pre-emergence weed control will be reduced on high organic matter soils such as peat or muck.

POST-EMERGENCE: Use sufficient volume and pressure for thorough coverage of weed foliage. For selective applications and applications near sensitive crops, use low spray pressure to keep spray drift to a minimum. This product, at labeled rates, control seedling annual weeds such as Annual morning-glory, Barnyard grass (Watergrass), Crabgrass, Crowfoot, Goosegrass, Pigweed and Purslane. Addition of a surfactant to the spray (where recommended) increases contact effects of this product. Best results are obtained on succulent weeds growing under conditions of high humidity and temperatures of 70°F or higher.

SPRAY PREPARATION: Mix proper amount of this product into necessary volume of water. Where use of a surfactant is recommended, dilute with 10 parts of water and add as last ingredient to a nearly full tank.

TANK MIXTURES: This product may be tank mixed with other herbicides and/or adjuvants registered for crop or non-crop use in this label. Refer to the label of the tank mixture partner(s) for any additional use instructions or restrictions. Always follow the most restrictive label.

REPLANTING: Unless otherwise directed, do not replant treated areas to any crop within 2 years after last application as injury to subsequent crops may result.

NOTE: For crops grown in the arid west, reductions in normal irrigation practices for the crop in production or a Summer fallow period without supplemental irrigation may require the crop rotation intervals to be extended. When such conditions occur a field bioassay should be completed prior to planting of any desired crop. A successful bioassay means growing up to maturity a test strip of the crop(s) intended for production. The test crop(s) strip should cross the entire field including knolls, low areas and areas where any berms were located. The results of this bioassay may require the rotation intervals to be extended.

RATES: All rates of this product are expressed as broadcast rates; for band treatment, use proportionately less. For example, use one-third of the broadcast rate when treating a 14-inch band where row spacing is 42 inches. Where a range of dosages is given, use the lower rate on Coarse textured soils low in clay or organic matter and the higher rate on Fine textured soils high in clay or organic matter. For post emergence application, use the lower rate on smaller weeds and the higher rate on larger weeds.

SOIL LIMITATIONS: Crop injury may result from failure to observe the following: Unless otherwise directed, do not use on Sand, Loamy sand or Gravelly soils or exposed subsoil's, nor on Pecans where organic matter is less than 0.5%, nor on Alfalfa, Apples, Artichokes, Barley (Winter), Citrus, Cotton, Grapes, Oats, Olives, Papayas, Peaches, Pears, Sorghum, Sugarcane, Walnuts and Winter wheat where organic matter is less than 1%, nor on Blueberries, Birdsfoot trefoil, Caneberries, Gooseberries, Macadamia nuts and Peppermint where organic matter is less than 2%.

Apply this product only through sprinklers, including center pivot, lateral move, end tow, side (wheel) roll, traveler, big gun, solid set, hand move or micro-sprinklers irrigation system(s). Do not apply this product through any other type of irrigation system.

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    5 of 5 stars  Tumbleweed
    By Cg in Mason Valley, NV on 02/22/2015
    Verified Purchase

    Been using Diuron 4-L for 3 years it is the best pre-emergence on the market.

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05/27/2015 Cornell from Oregon

QWhat is application rate of Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide per gallon?


Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide is mixed at  0.6 - 4.8 qt. per acre. Herbicides are a lot different than other concentrated products and can be hard to understand at first. The application rate depends on the the type of turf you have and how quickly you apply the product.  You will need to read the product label to determine the correct usage rate for your needs (you did not give us any information about the type of lawn, region or application program you will be using so we cannot give you exact rates). The amount of water used to apply Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide is not critical, but should be sufficient for uniform coverage of the target area. Calibrate by determining the volume of water required to treat 1,000 square feet. Use this calibration volume to determine the amount of water and Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide needed to treat the target area (see the following calibration example). Note: Sprayer calibration (volume of spray needed to treat 1,000 square feet) will vary with each individual operator.

Steps in Calibration:
1. Mark an area of 1,000 square feet (i.e. 20 by 50 feet or 25 by 40 feet).
2. Place the sprayer on a level surface and add water noting the final level of water in the spray tank.
3. Spray the marked area with a sufficient volume of water to provide uniform coverage. Refill the sprayer to the same level as before measuring the amount of water added. The measured water added to the sprayer is the volume needed to cover 1,000 square feet.
4. Determine the application rate for Drexel Diuron 4L from the product label.

If you still find you need help figuring out the correct usage rate (we know this label is confusing) please don't hesitate to call us and let one of our customer service representatives help you 866-581-7378 (M-F 9-5 EST)

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07/16/2017 Robert from Edgewood, Tx

QWill The Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide kill crabgrass?


The Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide is specially formulated to provide†effective control of many leaf weeds as well as annual and perennial grasses including crabgrass.

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04/13/2015 Douglas from Lafayette,louisiana

QPut down on our vacant lot in June 2014.We have now built our home.Can we now plant st.augustine grass.Would y
Would you think it would be safe for the grass?

AWhen applying Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide and when the grass is planted is rate dependent. The manufacturer needs to know exactly how much was used in order to give you a proper recommendation. Their phone number is 901-774-4370.

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