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    5 of 5 Stars   Excellent Product for hard to access locations
    By Paul on 06/26/2011
    Verified Purchase

    I recently ordered the Dustick Deluxe Kit along with Drione. We own a log home and every spring we have a problem with carpenter bees. In previous years I would buy an aerosol can of bee spray and use a "spray and caulk" method. The problem was that I could not access the out of reach areas that are higher up on our home.T he Dustick handles these areas extremely well.  I can easily use the full extension and reach locations 20+ feet above my head. It disperses the Drione very well regardless of how many extensions you use. Admittedly, with all the extensions the Dustick gets a bit wobbly to control at first. My technique was to slide it up the wall as I added extensions. This helped avoid the wobbly balancing act I initially encountered. My only wish is that you would come up with an attachment that would enable me to insert a small cork into the carpenter bee openings.  Drione followed by a cork is a standard method for combating carpenter bees.  Right now I only can cork the areas lower down that are within reach. Thanks for making such a well built and helpful product. For anyone who will have a recurring need I recommend this product.

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    3 of 5 Stars   Dustick Deluxe Kit
    By Dave on 08/02/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Overall the kit worked fairly well. There are a few things I would like to see changed to make it better. On the poles themselves only the terminal attachment to the end has a push button snap. This needs to be on all of the poles. As it is now, if you try to turn the pole for a better angle, the poles slip and the terminal attachment slides around. If all of the poles were fixed to each other with the push button snap, this would not happen. The aerosol top needs some work. The lever on the top that pushes down on the button of the can will not work on most wasp spray cans which is what it would mostly be used for. I had to rig a rubber "button" on the underside of the lever to allow it to reach the can button well enough to spray. Also the can attachment will only shoot 90 degrees to the pole. This means you need to be directly under the nest when spraying. This can get exciting. The attachment needs to have the ability to swivel out to at least 45 degrees so you can spray at an angle. The duster top and the scraper worked well and really have no complaints there, other then needing the poles to not slip around. Overall the kit did the job with some effort and "MacGyvering" to get ti to do everything I needed.

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    3 of 5 Stars   Coming from a PMP
    By Jason on 08/24/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Not really happy to tell you the truth. I have been using the Dustick for my business for quite some time and the standard kit without the attachments has paid for itself over and over and over again. Normally I am a straight duster when it comes to nests. Its cheap and easy and does the job, end of story. I attempted to use the aerosol attachment tonight and was just flat out disgusted that I even spent the extra money on it. I set up a can of wasp freeze on there and went to work. I was 20ft. under a very large nest. I put the can all the way up there and tried pulling the string. With the sway of the poles (I know they were trying to go light but when you get that fourth attachment on there it starts getting like a circus act) and the added weight of the can attachment it took 2 of us to be able to pull the string without ending up with the can 2 feet from where we wanted it. Once we got this part down off we went and guess what? We both got SOAKED in wasp freeze. As the previous poster mentioned...you have to stand DIRECTLY under where you are spraying. The wasps didnt bother me much dropping dead all around AND ON me, but taking a bath in Wasp Freeze sure the hell did. Stick with the regular stick and buy the scraper tool. Mine has paid for itself over and over again. Until they do something about the aerosol top its gonna sit gathering dust for me.

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    5 of 5 Stars   Dustick Deluxe
    By on 08/20/2013

    Fantastic! Works like a charm. I was able to kill lots of nests in places I was not able to reach even with ladders. It was nice to be able to remove all the old nests as well that were building up. This also works very well close to the ground with no sections attached. Well worth the money!!

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    2 of 5 Stars   leaks
    By Earl on 09/02/2016

    Leaked all around the large threads. Metal to plastic didn't seal. I put a sealer around threads at the plastic

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