Dyna-Fog Twister XL3 Backpack Cold Fogger


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Dyna-Fog Twister XL3 Backpack Cold Fogger fogger (ULV)

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Dyna-Fog Twister XL3 Backpack Cold Fogger

Dyna-Fog Twister XL3 Backpack Cold Fogger is a ultra-low volume (ULV) backpack sprayer that is fully tested for world compliance and laser droplet testing with proven performance after undergoing several quality testing. This machine is preferred by professionals for mosquito vector control programs. A ULV fogger that meets the high performance, versatility and portability that is required for most vector applications. It is handbuilt using precision tech, utilized with quality components and workmanship. Runs through a powerful engine and blower system while using a unique vibration isolation design and mounted on a light-weight welded and powder coated aluminum frame. The system delivers the pressure needed to apply formulations labeled for most cold fogging and spraying applications. Shoulder pads, back pads and quick release waist belt are put together for enhanced comfort of the knapsack and comfortable custom-fit on any user. The translucent formulation tank gives easy access to filling and monitoring liquid level that can hold up to 1 gallon for long ULV operations. It is also equipped with 4 discs of flow control orifices for accurate spray quality. The Microtec Nozzle of this sprayer is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel under rigid quality standards and weighs less than a pound for less and decreased hand fatigue and or nerve damage. It also comes with an option for a dual nozzle attachment which can further increase spray capacity with a flow rate of up to 17 ounces per minute.

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