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Eco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate + Emulsifier Bundle half gallon + emulsifier
This product has been discontinued. Please consider one of our other Misting Concentrates as an alternative. We also still carry the EcoEmulsifier.
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Eco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate + Emulsifier Bundle

The Eco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate and the Eco Emulsifier should be mixed together first in a separate bucket with warm water until mixed well, then poured into the tank of your misting system.

EcoExempt MC Misting Concentrate + Emulsifier is a environmentally safe and effective mosquito fogger solution for automatic mosquito misting systems. Now you can kill mosquitoes without the harmful pesticides of other concentrates. Eco Exempt MC has a quick knockdown and kill with residual protection. It is non-staining and has no phyto-toxicity, and there is no need to worry about the safety of fish or aquatic life nearby.

Can also be used with with hand held or backpack compressed air sprayers, power sprayers, or similar application equipment.

Sold in a set with 1/2 gallon of MC Concentrate and 1/2 gallon of Emulsifier.

Eco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate + Emulsifier Bundle contains these products:

EcoEmulsifier 1 x EcoEmulsifier
EcoExempt MC Misting Concentrate 1 x EcoExempt MC Misting Concentrate
Cost of separate parts: $131.00
Kit price: $119.95
You save $11.05!

For Automatic Misting Systems. Quick knockdown/kill. Residual protection. Non-Staining. No phytotoxicity. No drift or aquatic concerns.

EcoEXEMPT MC is a new minimum-risk, EPA exempt insecticide specifically formulated for automatic misting systems. In fact, EcoEXEMPT MC (with EcoSMART Botanicals active ingredient) is the first and only mosquito misting product proven effective in actual field testing (based on test conducted by Middleton Lawn & Pest Control, Orlando, FL). Provides a stable micro-emulsion for up to 90 days with no agitation required when used with EcoEMULSIFIER.

Mix one unit of EcoPco MC and one unit of Emulsifier in a 55 gallon drum

  • Effective against mosquitoes, gnats, flies & other flying insects
  • For automatic misting systems and compressed air sprayers
  • Quick knockdown/kill
  • Residual protection
  • Non-staining
  • No phytotoxicity
  • No drift or aquatic concerns
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Provides a stable micro-emulsion for up to 90 agitation required

Application directions for handheld, compressed, or power sprayers outdoors:

 To control spiders, flying insects, mosquitoes and other insect
pests in and around homes and commercial buildings, and as an aid
in the elimination of their harborage areas, mix EcoEXEMPT® MC
with EcoEMULSIFIER™ at a 1:1 ratio (1 ounce EcoEXEMPT® MC +
1 ounce EcoEMULSIFIER™) and dilute in 1 gallon of water.
Thoroughly mix EcoEXEMPT® MC with EcoEMULSIFIER™ before
diluting with water. Apply at the rate of 2 gallons per 1000 square
feet or until area is thoroughly wet.

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    5 of 5 stars  Exceptional Savings and Quality Product
    By Ron in Austin, TX on 07/26/2010
    Verified Purchase

    My skepticism about the quality of the product was quickly removed, as were the mosquitoes that had been a plague in our backyard. The wintergreen aroma is pleasant to smell and is an enjoyable reminder that out mister system is working properly.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  Eco Exempt plus Emusifier
    By F. in Shadow Hills, CA on 06/17/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Works better than I expected, but there are still live flies in the barn after 10 days. Will add Riptide to the mix. I would say kill rate is above 80%.

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08/01/2011 Stew

QCan I use Eco Exempt MC Misting concentrate in the Solo 451 backpack mister?

AEco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate is really only meant to be used in automatic mosquito misting systems and the product label does not offer mix rates for use in any other equipment. Eco Exempt IC-2 could be used in a mist blower to help combat mosquitoes and is also an all natural product that can be used near bodies of water.

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07/20/2010 Dominick

QCan I use Eco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate + Emulsifier in a cold ULV fogger?
Also, what is the best method of application? Do you treat the air, or do you spray it around your backyard perimeter in the grass? Can this product be applied on the same day as a party, with no affect to humans, pets, children?

AEco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate is labeled to be used in automatic misting machines only. We recommend using Riptide. Pets and people should be out of the area while the application is being made, and then they can return to the area as soon as the application is dry.  According to the Riptide product label, "To control accessible stages of listed flying insects in listed outdoor areas. If possible, space spray application should be made in the evening or early morning when mosquitoes are typically most active. With a ULV spraying device, spray at a dosage rate of 5 fluid ounces of undiluted concentrate per minute.
TEMPORARY REDUCTION OF ANNOYANCE from: Flies, Mosquitoes and Small Flying Moths. The
aforementioned outdoor ground application will give temporary relief of annoyance from the pests in
listed outdoor areas. Direct application into tall grass, shrubbery and around lawns where these pests
may hover or rest, apply while air is still."

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